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   Chapter 459 Love The One You're With

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It wasn't the first time that Damon had seen Carlos wear a mask of cruelty. It was the same mask he wore when he dealt with his enemies. But that was before he became an enemy. Now, Damon's heart jumped into his throat. In an instant, he played the pity card and pleaded, "No, Carlos, my friend. Don't, please. Wesley and I were tricked. I owe your wife an apology, and I'll make it up to her. I swear!"

Carlos' anger finally subsided a little and he let go of him.

Damon straightened his clothes, pulling his collar taut and wiping his brow. He heaved a deep sigh of relief. When Carlos seemed to have calmed down, Damon suggested anxiously, "Hey, if you really remember everything, I wouldn't let Debbie know. She'll make you pay for what she had gone through."

Carlos looked at him, now perplexed. Damon explained, "Think about it. No matter how badly Wesley and I treated her, she will probably go easy on us once we apologize. But you made the deepest, most painful cuts. She loved you and trusted you, and you hooked up with Stephanie. You disavowed her. You made her marry Ivan. If you were her, would you forgive what you did?"

Kinsley thought Damon's words made sense. "Carlos, he's right. You hurt her a lot. You should treat her well from now on to make things right. When she forgives you, then you can tell her you got your memories back."

Carlos said nothing, mulling over their suggestions.

Inside the room, Niles seized the chance to make fun of Ivan. "Wow, Mr. Wen, I never knew you loved guys. What do you think about me? Your type?"

Ivan squinted at the naughty doctor and snapped, "So Carlos says I'm gay and you believe him. How much does he know about me? Or maybe he's my date?"

"If it's not true, why would he say it?" Niles wouldn't drop the subject.

Ivan shrugged. "He's not the only one with a lawyer. I could file charges for slander."

Niles leaned against the couch and grinned evilly. "Okay, so you're not gay. Got any proof?"

"I got my proof right here." Ivan sprang up from the couch and made his way to a woman sitting at the other end of the room.

Seeing the direction Ivan was walking in, Xavier reminded him, "Carlos is on the balcony. He can still see everything. Don't do anything stupid."

Niles also got worried. He tried to calm him down. "Okay, bad joke. You're not gay. I was just kidding. Don't—don't kiss Debbie...!" The doctor ended his sentence in absolute shock, as he saw Ivan kis

yn with an affectionate look in his eyes while talking to her the whole time. He was sad that he missed three years of her life. He never got to feed her a bottle, hear her first words, or see her walking. That wasn't going to happen again, if he had anything to say about it.

On the other hand, Debbie had been staring at Carlos again. She was sure something was wrong with him, but what was it?

The car rolled up to the manor. As usual, Carlos helped Evelyn bathe and tucked her into bed.

Debbie leaned against the door of the kid's room and watched him. By the time Evelyn had closed her eyes and was sleeping peacefully, she couldn't help yawning. She said quietly, "I have work tomorrow, Mr. Huo. I think I'll turn in."

Carlos silently tucked his daughter under the covers and got out of the bed. He adjusted the thermostat before walking over to Debbie.

He grabbed hold of her wrist and took her to his bedroom. He closed the door behind them.

Looking at the closed door and his huge hand, Debbie suddenly had a bad feeling. 'What is he going to do?'

While she was in a trance, she was pressed onto the bed by the man.

Debbie was confused. But she knew he wouldn't have sex with her before she divorced Ivan, so she wasn't afraid. She gaped and yawned once again. "Mr. Huo, I'm really sleepy. Just let me go to my room, okay?"

Carlos said nothing. He stared intently at her face, eyes full of affection.

This was his woman. The woman he had sworn to love and spoil for his entire life. But she had been bullied and hurt by other people. His heart ached. It was his fault. He didn't protect her when it mattered most.

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