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   Chapter 458 Divorce Ivan Right Now

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Stephanie's face turned dark purple in rage when she heard what Carlos said to Debbie.

Meanwhile, an ominous feeling began to settle in Debbie's heart. 'I don't like the way he looks. Something's not right.' In a shaky voice, she asked, "What do you mean?"

Carlos went berserk. "What do I mean? I tell you. Now. You need to divorce Ivan right now! How many times have I told you that, huh? Come back to me. No more fooling around!"

The atmosphere was no less tense, but it had changed somewhat. 'Wow, he's bossy, ' they thought.

With Miranda's words ringing in the back of her mind, Debbie mustered the courage to reply, "Why? Why should I do that? Because you told me to? Why should I even listen to you?"

Her attitude irked Carlos to no end. He wrapped his other arm tightly around her waist and declared between clenched teeth, "Because no one else can be your husband! Anyone who gets between me and you will end up in one place—hell!"

Debbie's heart pounded faster with each word he spat. 'Does he have his memory back?' she guessed excitedly. That was the only way she could explain his strange behavior.

Seeing the excited and bewildered expressions on her face, Carlos flashed a mysterious smile. "Here's the deal. Make me wait any longer, and I'll immediately purchase the Wen Group, ruin Ivan Wen's career, and tell his mother that he's gay. I'll let the whole world know that he stole my wife while I was suffering from amnesia. And I won't stop there. I'll tie him up and lash him with a whip drenched in acid. Clear enough? For the last time, divorce Ivan now!" Carlos blasted out the threatening words in a single breath.

At this point, he was already plotting revenge on those responsible for his plight. They messed up his life. They took advantage of his memory loss to ruin his marriage, steal everything that belonged to him, force Debbie to marry another man and even make his daughter call another man "Daddy." He wouldn't let anyone involved in this off the hook! Including Debbie. Why did she give up on him so easily? He had to teach her a lesson—keep her on a short leash. She'd be at his side every day until she learned.

Defeated, Ivan touched his sweaty forehead and cut in, "Hey, cut me some slack. I didn't do anything to you."

Niles and Damon couldn't help but burst out laughing loudly. The latter moved to Ivan's side and teased in a low voice, "You had the balls to steal his wife, so it's time to pay the piper. He meant what he said."

A wave of excitement coursed through D

his pack and lit it. "You don't have cigarettes? Then just watch us."

Damon had just taken a drag when Carlos suddenly glared at him. The horrible look in Carlos' eyes sent a chill down his spine. Damon almost choked on the drag he took. "Hey, man... you okay? What's wrong? Quit scaring me."

Out of the blue, Carlos took a step forward and grabbed Damon's collar. Kinsley was taken aback. "Why didn't you do anything to help Debbie while I was unconscious? You even trash talked her! Damon, I did nothing to you. Why did you do me like that?" Carlos confronted Damon in an icy-cold voice.

Damon was shocked, his mouth agape. As a result, the cigarette between his lips dropped onto the floor, embers scattering on the concrete. But he was too busy being scared to care. Kinsley stepped on it to put it out.

" you have your memory back?" Damon stammered.

Carlos said nothing, but kept glaring at him.

Yet his silence spoke volumes. Now, Damon was sure that Carlos' memory came back when it looked like he was in pain. He was genuinely happy for his friend. He wanted to welcome the old Carlos back, but it looked he was pissed at him. "Hey, buddy, listen. It was your' fault. He lied to us. It wasn't that I didn't help Debbie. I was cheated by that sly fox too. It's not my fault!"

But his explanation didn't help. Carlos tightened his grip on his collar and spat coldly, "James will pay for what he did. And you, Wesley, Stephanie... Anyone who messed with my wife...bullied her, trash-talked her, you guys are toast." Megan was lucky. She died before he got his memory back. Or else, she would find out there were fates worse than death.

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