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   Chapter 456 Nanna

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Miranda was filled with guilt, and she wanted to make it up to Carlos for the past. She would give him anything he wanted, no matter what.

Debbie smiled teary-eyed, and then something occurred to her. She pulled out a tissue to wipe away her tears. "May I ask you something?"


"If...I mean, if for some cruel reason, your mom was forced to abandon you soon after you were born, and then she came back after twenty or so years to beg you for forgiveness, would you forgive her?" Debbie had considered asking Carlos for his opinion about the issue, but she was worried that he might not understand the mother-daughter relationship since he was a man.

Whereas Miranda was a mother and she would undoubtedly enlighten her on the topic.

Confusion clouded Debbie's face. Miranda had only to glance at her to understand what was going on. "All mothers love their children. As a mother, you should know that. Put yourself in your mom's shoes. Think about it. If you had to be away from Evelyn for more than twenty years, how would you feel when you saw her again?"

Debbie was stunned. She had never thought about it that way. If she were Ramona and Evelyn were her... The more she thought about it, the sadder she grew. Bitter, warm tears flowed from her eyes, blurring her vision. She wiped her tears away and said to Miranda gratefully, "Thank you, Aunt Miranda. I know what to do now."

Miranda continued, "Elroy is heartless. I know a little about the feud between your family and the Lu family from when I was in Y City. But don't worry about him. He hasn't done anything to you so far. That only means he's afraid of Carlos. Maybe you should ask Carlos for help?"

Debbie shook her head. "I don't want to involve Carlos in this. He's already swamped. I can handle it myself."

"Okay, if you've already made your decision. I sympathize with your mom. We were both forced to be apart from our children

imals. Despite Carlos' objection, they decorated a private booth for his birthday party at Orchid Private Club.

They didn't care about whom he would invite as long as they could have some fun.

Since the decorations were already done, Carlos invited some friends to the party.

When Debbie and Ivan arrived at Carlos' birthday party, the room was already packed with people. Yates, Kinsley, Wesley, Niles, Damon, Adriana, Curtis, Colleen, Jared, Sasha, Kasie, and Blair were all there. There were also some young people that Debbie had never met before.

Little kids were running everywhere, and Stephanie was invited too. When Stephanie and Debbie ran into each other, the atmosphere between them became awkward.

However, nobody paid any attention. Even Debbie didn't seem to care. As soon as they saw her, Jus, Evelyn, and Sean all ran at Debbie. "Mommy!"


"Aunt Debbie!"

they called.

Seeing how much the kids liked Debbie, some envied her, while others were jealous. Niles complained, "They weren't that excited when they saw me, and everybody says I'm handsome. Why do they like you better? Maybe they like beauties?"

Debbie laughed. She crouched down to hug the little ones. "More than that. I'm a mom. How can you compete with me on that?"

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