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   Chapter 455 Carlos Loves You

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"That's up to Debbie," said Carlos. However she wanted to handle James, he would support her.

Miranda smiled. She stood up, walked over to Carlos and patted him on the shoulder. A warm gesture meant to comfort. "Carlos, I think..."


"One day when you have your memory back," she continued, her smile growing bigger, "Debbie's going to get back at you. Boy, you'll be in trouble then."

Carlos didn't know what to say. He had anticipated that, planned for it, counted on it.

After leaving Carlos' office, Miranda called Debbie.

Debbie was doing a clothing commercial. When Miranda told her she was back in the city and was close by, she asked for a break and went to see Miranda in her working clothes.

At a tea house

Debbie arrived wearing a white sundress, setting off her killer figure. Men turned their heads to watch the vision of beauty entering the quiet shop. Women turned green with envy, in some cases scolding their husbands and boyfriends.

"Were you at work?" Miranda asked when she noticed Debbie's makeup.

"Yeah. Why are you back so suddenly? Is this a business trip?" Debbie had rushed over as fast as she could. Thirsty, she gulped down a cup of tea without waiting for Miranda's answer.

Watching this, Miranda frowned and said in a reproachful tone, "You're in public now for God's sake."

Debbie giggled and sat up straight. "Too thirsty."

Miranda just shook her head and decided to drop it. Anyway, that wasn't why she was here. "Why didn't you tell me you had a daughter?" she asked bluntly. They kept in touch, but mostly by phone. They didn't usually have involved conversations. If Debbie kept something from her, she'd have to find out second-hand.

Debbie was a little flustered when Miranda mentioned Evelyn. "You are one of the Huos, and Carlos' birth mother. I was keeping it hush-hush because I didn't know how Carlos would take it. He could easily marry Stephanie and take Evelyn away. I didn't tell Carlos either, but he found out anyway." Debbie sighed heavily.

"What? O ye, o

a was as surprised as Debbie. But she maintained a stony face. Tapping the top of the table, she warned Debbie, "With both you and Carlos poking into his business, that old snake has to know. Be careful. Don't release this right away. Let your trail go cold, then do it."

"OK. Got it."

Debbie turned to look at the city through the window. She felt her spring was coming.

Miranda felt sorry for her. Debbie used to be spoiled by Carlos like a queen. However, James split them up, and she had to flee the country, find work and raise a kid by herself. "I need a couple days to wrap things up in New York and then come back here. I'll talk to Wesley and Damon. They're Carlos' best friends and James deceived them too. They won't be happy with him when they learn the truth. You, Carlos, Wesley, Damon, Curtis, and me. We'll deal with James together. He'll pay for what he did."

Debbie was moved. Miranda had been helping her ever since Debbie proved her innocence to her. Debbie summoned up the courage to hold Miranda's hand and said, "Aunt Miranda, thank you so much. When all this is over, Carlos and I will take care of you and Uncle Wade."

Miranda didn't like moments like this. Too sentimental. And she wasn't used to holding hands either. But she didn't take her hand out of Debbie's grip. With a sigh, she said, "What can I do? Carlos loves you."

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