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   Chapter 452 A Dinner Of Vengeance

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Eager to go, Elmer refused to listen to them. He stood up and made his way to the door. "I'm sorry I really have to go. Hey, next time I'm buying..." His voice trailed off as he reached the exit. The door was pushed open from the outside. Everyone was surprised as the newcomer walked in. "M-m-Mr. Huo?" Elmer stuttered.

They looked at Debbie, who was just as stunned as they were, and then all of them stood up and walked toward Carlos.

"Hurry. Mr. Huo is here," Mr. Li urged the others. "Good evening, Mr. Huo," they greeted Carlos in unison.

Carlos inclined his head slightly and cast Elmer a sidelong glance. "Where are you off to, Mr. Xue?"

"Er...n-nowhere. I... Mr. Huo, this way please," Elmer replied. Since Carlos was here, he realized that he couldn't leave now, so he put on his biggest smile and led Carlos to the table.

Slippery as an eel, he had already regained his composure before they even reached the table. Smiling at Debbie, he asked, "Debbie, why didn't you tell us Mr. Huo would be joining us? We should have waited till he got here."

"That's okay," Carlos said before Debbie spoke. A waiter brought in another chair. "There," Carlos said to the waiter, pointing at the spot next to Debbie. The waiter left the room after placing the chair where he was directed and setting another place at the table, complete with utensils.

'Way to be obvious, old man, ' Debbie thought resignedly.

The guests all gaped at what Carlos had just done.

To break the awkward silence, Mr. Li picked up a bottle of liquor from the table and walked up to Carlos. "Mr. Huo! So glad to see you. Let's have a drink," he said as he filled Carlos' glass.

Another guest echoed, "Right. We're all happy to see you." Then he turned to the waiter and said, "More salads for Mr. Huo. And hot dishes too."

Debbie just sat there, and watched it all unfold.

Originally, this was a thank-you dinner from her. But Carlos instantly became the center of attention. Everyone was fawning over him, and now the reason for throwing this shindig was overshadowed by the cold man's presence.

Debbie watched and was confused and conflicted by the whole thing. Just then, Frankie walked in with four bottles of alcohol in his hands. He put them on the table as a grand gesture and smiled at Elmer. "Mr. Xue, Mr. Huo heard that you had great taste in alcohol, so he asked me to bring these. They are of exquisite vintage, and a

aybe she'd drink herself to death, or choke on a bone or something. She paused for a minute and thought those fates too good for her. She prayed Debbie would be raped to death, drowned, or torn into pieces.

She had always loved Carlos, but all of sudden, Debbie showed up and turned everything on its ear. All her plans, made for nothing. She had his family's approval and everything.

Carlos was so aloof Stephanie was never able to figure him out. His weaknesses, hobbies, and dislikes were all hidden from her. So she hesitated to approach him. She was discouraged, and knew she couldn't win his heart.

Then Debbie came along, and Carlos fell madly in love with her. He fell for her again even after he had lost his memory. He loved Debbie with all his heart and soul. Even Stephanie could feel it. And she wanted that love for herself.

Debbie was just a singer. She had no powerful family, no status, no impressive diploma. She was bad-tempered, petty, selfish, jealous, and feisty. She was nothing.

Stephanie, on the other hand, graduated from a prestigious university. Afterwards, she had studied for two years in a foreign country. The Li family was powerful, and she herself had a head for business that rivaled many other magnates. She never lacked admirers. From time to time, she'd lose her temper too, but she had always been patient with Carlos, loving the man, caring for him. It was always her calling him, asking about his day. She gave up everything for him, threw away her time, her love, and her pride. She wooed him patiently. But in the end, he gave his heart to another woman.

How ironic!

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