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   Chapter 450 Evelyn Huo

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The doctor's face became a mask of fear. "Mr. Huo?"

Carlos twisted the doctor's arm behind his back. This caused a surge of pain, and the doctor whined and dropped the syringe.

Frankie carefully picked the syringe up, took a pair of miniature pliers from his pocket, removed the needle, and threw it into the discarded needle bin. He then placed the syringe into his bag.

When they heard the sounds of struggle inside, the two bodyguards burst into the room, caught hold of the doctor and brought him to the floor.

"Mr. Huo? Wh-what's going on?" the doctor cried.

Carlos stood up and straightened his shirt. In a cold voice, he ordered, "Take him out."

Inside the doctor's office

Carlos took out a cigarette, lit it and took a drag before he made himself comfortable on the couch. He needed to be alert for this, and felt that relaxing would help free his mind.

The bodyguards dragged the doctor in and forced him to kneel before their boss.

Carlos sat there quietly, glaring icily at him. The doctor shuddered with fear.

While Carlos shed the cherry from his cigarette with a tap, Frankie walked back into the room. He had just handed the syringe to an aide, who would have the contents analyzed. "Dr. Zhu, what were you planning to inject Mr. Huo with?"

"Mr. Huo... He's not strong enough yet. His memory hasn't recovered. The medicine... is...memantine. It treats memory loss, confusion, and problems with...ugh...thinking and reasoning..." The doctor was on the floor, both bodyguards sitting on him. One of them, a large-framed man, looked at Carlos, who merely nodded. The big man took one of the doctor's arms that was already behind his back and twisted. With a sickening snap, the bodyguard dislocated the man's arm. "No! What are you— Aaagh!"

Tears fell. Drops of sweat began to form on his forehead and his face was as pale as a sheet. "M-Mr. Huo... p-please!"

Carlos flicked the ashes from his cigarette and remained silent.

Frankie warned the doctor, "We know what you've done to Mr. Huo, Dr. Zhu. Now tell the truth, quickly. Mr. Huo is a busy man, after all."

The doctor bit his lips and closed his eyes before saying, "It's...the truth."

Out of patience, Carlos threw the cigarette butt into the ashtray and stood up. "Bury him alive," he ordered

name to Evelyn Huo. He didn't tell you?"

'Seriously? He changed my daughter's surname without asking me! What an asshole! I have to teach him a lesson, ' Debbie thought. "Now I know. Gotta go, Aunt Lucinda. Bye!"

After hanging up on Lucinda, Debbie took a deep breath to calm herself and then called Carlos. "Carlos Huo!" Her voice was as cold as ice.

"Ah. Calling me to let me know you'll divorce Ivan?" he asked.

"In your dreams! Carlos Huo! How dare you change my daughter's last name! Did you ask me first? You are impossible! You always do what you want, and who cares about other people?" Clenching her fists tightly, she took deep breaths to keep from losing her cool.

Carlos explained in a patient manner, "She's also my daughter. You hadn't done the household registration for her, so I did it for you. Anything wrong?"

"You changed her last name!"

"So?" Carlos didn't see anything wrong. It would be helpful for her to have his surname. He had a lot of influence, so he figured having his last name wouldn't hurt.

Debbie closed her eyes and told herself, 'Easy, Debbie.' "Fine! Since you're her father, I won't argue with you this time. And I'm not divorcing Ivan, because I don't think you love me at all. Goodbye!"

"Debbie, you got me all wrong. Debbie?" The call was disconnected. When he called her again, he found that she had already blocked him.

Carlos was confused and frustrated. 'Why is she so angry? She was too busy to do it herself, so I did it for her. I thought she'd be grateful.'

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