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   Chapter 449 She Thought You Were Dead

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"Hi Evelyn, I'm Queenie. Let's be friends," said a girl.

"I'm Zack Wan. You're pretty. I want to be friends with you too. Monica, look at Evelyn! She looks like a real princess," said a boy.

The classroom was abuzz, thanks to Evelyn. The noise level rose appreciably, because everyone wanted to talk to the new girl.

Evelyn pointed at Zack Wan's face and said, "Dirty. Go Away. Monica, Queenie...friends."

Debbie, who kept hidden so she could see how Evelyn's first day went, covered her face with both hands. 'Oh God! She's a clean freak just like her dad.'

The next afternoon, Debbie went to kindergarten to pick up Evelyn. Lucinda conferred with Debbie. "I can't explain it. Everyone in class was so clean. Some even had new clothes. I think it's Evelyn. She doesn't like dirty kids. Ha-ha! Kids are so funny."

The story amused Debbie. At the same time, she felt a little helpless at Evelyn's obsession with cleanliness. "Did she behave?" she asked her aunt.

Lucinda cast a sidelong glance at Evelyn, who was hand in hand with Monica Yu, and said in a whisper, "Well, yeah, but she doesn't want to be friends with everyone. And she isn't too shy to say so. You should have a talk with her about being nicer. Anyway, she's a polite girl."

Debbie didn't know how to respond. She knew Evelyn pretty well. Evelyn clammed up around people she didn't like. Debbie had talked to Evelyn about this before, and Evelyn promised that she would be friends with every kid. But the truth was she would still act the same.

"Got it, Aunt Lucinda. I'll talk to her," Debbie said.

"Okay. Hey, if you're busy, you don't have to pick her up every day. I'll just take her to my place," Lucinda offered. She liked Evelyn a lot, and she thought it was perfectly normal for the kids to love her too.

"Sure. Pi— Evelyn, time to go. Say goodbye to Lucinda," Debbie called out. She wanted to call her Piggy at first, but then thought of what Evelyn had told her last night. Last night, she told her that she was Evelyn in public.

"Monica, bye! Going home. Lucinda, bye!"

"Bye, Evelyn!"

At ZL Group

Carlos had just hun

rlos walked into a private hospital in the city, flanked by Frankie and two bodyguards.

Since the car accident, Carlos had been getting treated at this hospital. He still had to take pills every day and injections every three months. They explained it was to get his strength back after the coma, and he retained the same doctor. This had all been pre-arranged by James.

Carlos entered the doctor's office with a calm expression.

"Good morning, Dr. Zhu," Carlos greeted the doctor.

The doctor looked fifty years old if he was a day, and was the assistant director of the hospital. He had excellent medical skills, and had acquired no small amount of fame. He had quite a few patients, and an even longer waiting list.

When he saw Carlos, the doctor stood up and walked towards him. "Mr. Huo, you're here! I've already prepped the syringe. We can start now, if you like."

He knew a CEO like Carlos was quite busy and had almost no time to wait for him, so he got everything ready an hour before Carlos was due to arrive.

As usual, Carlos followed the doctor into the exam room.

The doctor took out a small bottle of medicine. He plunged the needle into the stopper, drew the liquid out with a syringe and pressed the plunger to clear the air from it.

Carlos rolled up his sleeve. When the doctor was about to administer the injection, Carlos grabbed his wrist and stared at him with murderous eyes.

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