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   Chapter 449 She Thought You Were Dead

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 7144

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"Hi Evelyn, I'm Queenie. Let's be friends," said a girl.

"I'm Zack Wan. You're pretty. I want to be friends with you too. Monica, look at Evelyn! She looks like a real princess," said a boy.

The classroom was abuzz, thanks to Evelyn. The noise level rose appreciably, because everyone wanted to talk to the new girl.

Evelyn pointed at Zack Wan's face and said, "Dirty. Go Away. Monica, Queenie...friends."

Debbie, who kept hidden so she could see how Evelyn's first day went, covered her face with both hands. 'Oh God! She's a clean freak just like her dad.'

The next afternoon, Debbie went to kindergarten to pick up Evelyn. Lucinda conferred with Debbie. "I can't explain it. Everyone in class w

r waiting list.

When he saw Carlos, the doctor stood up and walked towards him. "Mr. Huo, you're here! I've already prepped the syringe. We can start now, if you like."

He knew a CEO like Carlos was quite busy and had almost no time to wait for him, so he got everything ready an hour before Carlos was due to arrive.

As usual, Carlos followed the doctor into the exam room.

The doctor took out a small bottle of medicine. He plunged the needle into the stopper, drew the liquid out with a syringe and pressed the plunger to clear the air from it.

Carlos rolled up his sleeve. When the doctor was about to administer the injection, Carlos grabbed his wrist and stared at him with murderous eyes.

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