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   Chapter 447 The Past

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Debbie's grandfather searched for Decker until his dying day. He failed and died in sadness. Later, Artie fought bravely against a terminal illness and also died. Huge medical bills bankrupted the Nian family. Debbie was the daughter of wealth and power until she was ten. But after that, she lost everything.

After hearing the whole story from Ramona, Debbie said nothing, lost in thought.

She didn't expect that the story about her past would be so...sad. Sad and annoying.

"You're strong enough to know the truth and do something about it. You and Mr. Huo..." Ramona's voice trailed off. After a short pause, she added, "Now that Mr. Huo is in your camp, Elroy can't do anything to you. Curtis is also on our side. But Elroy has never tried to mess with Curtis, so he can't do anything other than stay away."

Now Debbie understood why Curtis had always been so nice to her. It was not just because he was her uncle, but also because he felt bad for her.

When Debbie sat there silently, Ramona sighed helplessly. She picked up the gift bag she brought over. "I've seen many mothers and daughters wear the same clothes. I want to do that with you. Happy birthday, Debbie."

She placed the bag in front of Debbie, and took one last look at her before heading to the door.

Debbie didn't ask her to stay, nor did she say anything.

She just sat there for a long while. Finally, she picked up the bag and pulled the dresses out to look at them. There were several dresses of different styles, which suited young women quite well. Designer labels, too. These were certainly not cheap.

'She must have the same dresses, ' she thought.

Debbie lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. It was past 2 a.m., but she just couldn't fall asleep.

'Should I forgive her? It doesn't sound like she had much of a choice.

And there's more to Decker than meets the eye. There's something he's not telling me—'

The doorbell rang and derailed her train of thought.

She frowned and

ay! I'm outta here!" Impatient, Decker put his hands up to push her away.

Debbie took a step back to avoid him. "Don't want to talk? I can't force you. But listen to Carlos. He's tighter with Yates than I am. Wouldn't it make more sense to work with him than against him?"

"How are you and Yates related? Why didn't you mention him before?" Decker asked with a frown.

"Why would I even bring him up? I bet you didn't know he went to one of my concerts."

"I had no clue," Decker answered. He didn't even know where he was at that time. Or what he was doing.

"Forget it! Go back to bed. Otherwise, I'll have Carlos look into you," she said.

"Oh, give it a rest, sis. I'm not afraid of him," Decker said angrily.

Debbie shrugged and said, "Don't know, don't care. Go to bed."

"You!" He didn't know how to answer back.

"Good night!" she said and then went back to her bedroom.

Decker, who was left in the living room alone, felt helpless. 'Ugh! She's impossible!' he cried in his mind.

Ivan, on the other hand, opened the door for Kasie to climb into his car. They were both all smiles after leaving the Orchid Private Club.

Kasie was in a good mood this evening, and drank a lot with Debbie. She hadn't seen her friend in a while, nor had she remembered the last time she'd laughed this much.

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