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   Chapter 446 Happy Birthday

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7280

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Decker and Debbie were shocked into stunned silence when Carlos said Decker was not a good guy.

After kissing Debbie goodbye and cast a warning glance at Decker, Carlos got into his car and drove off.

The siblings walked into the elevator together. Instead of acting in a devil-may-care way, Decker walked a little slower, frowning, lost in thought.

When the elevator reached the seventh floor, the doors slid open, and they saw a woman waiting there. She wore a hat, a mask and sunglasses.

"Debbie, Decker..."

she called out, her voice trembling.

Debbie had no idea who it was until she heard the voice. That was when her face changed dramatically.

'I know I've heard that voice before, ' Decker thought. 'Wait! I remember now! She floated me a ton of cash!' He turned to look at his sister, who was obviously not in a good mood now, and asked, "You know her?"

Debbie didn't answer.

Ramona took off her hat, mask and sunglasses, revealing a pretty face. However, Debbie saw more winkles on her face.

She looked a lot like Decker, as a matter of fact.

Debbie looked like her father, while Decker got his mother's looks.

Decker's eyes went wide when he saw her unmasked. That face was unmistakable. He'd seen her on TV a lot. She was the famous singer, Ramona Lu.

She was also their mother.

Decker's face darkened. Without saying a word, he turned around and entered the elevator.

"Decker!" Ramona panicked and followed after him.

Decker, however, pushed her out of the elevator without mercy. He used so much force that she fell onto the floor outside the elevator car. He pressed the button, leaving her there.

The doors closed and the elevator descended.

Staring at the woman on the floor, Debbie clenched her fists and asked coldly, "What do you want?"

Ramona supported herself against the wall and struggled to her feet, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Happy birthday. I have a gift for you."

She was surprised to see Decker here, and she was thrilled she could even catch a glimpse of her son.

In an icy voice, Debbie said, "Keep it, and get out."

After saying that, she walked towards the door to her apartment

to put a stop to this romance many times, but to no avail. Ramona and Artie married behind the old man's back, and she even gave birth to a son—Decker.

Elroy flared up and took Decker away from Ramona. He changed the baby's name to Decker Lu, and sent him abroad to let Debbie's grandfather know how it felt to lose someone close to you.

A year later, Ramona gave birth to Debbie. Elroy once again ordered his men to take Debbie away. Ramona begged her father again and again to let Debbie stay with Artie. And Elroy finally seemed to give in to her cajoling. But he had a condition—Ramona had to divorce Artie and leave the Nian family. Left with no choice, she did as she was told.

Because of the two kids, the Nian family also hated the Lu family very much. Elroy forbade his daughter from ever visiting her children. Of course, Ramona refused at first. She would never publicly go against her father, but instead met Artie and Debbie in secret. But Elroy found out. His men abducted Ramona and held her captive. He even tied her up and flogged her until she bled from many wounds.

From then on, Ramona didn't dare mention the Nian family again.

When Decker was five years old, he was left in front of an orphanage. Elroy kept his whereabouts a secret from Ramona and the Nian family. He even tried his best to make sure Decker would never amount to anything.

The Nian family mounted a search for Decker, but came up empty-handed.

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