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   Chapter 445 Marry Me

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"Hayden doesn't know, because...because..." Debbie stuttered, not knowing how to sound more convincing. She was not only flustered, but also drunk to boot.

Too drunk to make up a story, she hemmed and hawed, but a fit of dizziness came over her.

Upon seeing her reaction, Carlos chuckled and said, "Let me tell you why, Evelyn's mom."

"Er... Okay."

"It's because Evelyn is not Hayden's daughter. Her toes, teeth and ears look exactly like mine when I was little. So again, who's the father?" Evelyn looked a lot like her mom. She could be Debbie's "Mini-Me."

But if you looked closer, you'd see Evelyn's toes looked identical to Carlos' toes when he was younger.

Carlos hadn't noticed this before. When he saw the DNA test report and knew she was his daughter, he felt cheated. She didn't look like him at all. He even studied each part of Evelyn carefully, and compared her and himself through a mirror.

Not only so, but he also sent photos to Miranda and asked her whether they looked like each other.

After receiving the text, Miranda picked up the phone and called him back immediately.

Before he could say anything, Miranda told him, "Evelyn's definitely your daughter. Superficially, she looks like Debbie. But just look at the toes, the teeth, even the ears. Thanks to James, you haven't been able to see your daughter for two years. That has to hurt."

'It does. Debbie must have suffered a lot.

But at least she's raising her right, ' Carlos thought, feeling both frustrated and pitiful.

Upon hearing Carlos' words, Debbie tried to deny it. "Yeah, right."

Carlos sneered, "Why are you still being so stubborn? What are you afraid of? Think I'll take Evelyn away?"

He was right. That was the money shot. She was afraid that he would take her daughter away from her and that she would never see her again.

Decker sprung up, landing on the h

eart skipped a beat as she immediately grabbed hold of Carlos and coaxed him, "Carlos, just go home. Evelyn is still waiting for you. What if she misses you and starts crying?"

Carlos cast a warning glance at Decker before straightening his suit. He told Decker coldly, "I can do good things for you. I can calm Yates down and you two can be partners in crime, so to speak. He has operations in more than one country. I can also be a powerful enemy. Think about it. All you have to do is talk Debbie into marrying me. It's the only way she'll be happy. I can make you happy too, if you do as I ask."

Debbie's words froze in her throat. 'Seriously? He's trying to buy my brother off!' she thought.

'Is it a bribe or a threat?' Decker wondered.

Of course he knew how powerful Carlos was. Yates seldom did anyone a favor, yet he was good friends with Carlos. And a mob boss was the same. When Carlos said he could give him foreign influence, Decker knew he meant it.

Carlos placed his left palm gently at the back of Debbie's neck and forced her to look at him. Despite Decker standing right there, he kissed her on the lips and said, "Watch your brother, but not too closely. He's not a good guy. You don't want to be a part of what he's into."

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