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   Chapter 444 By Asexual Reproduction

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Last time they were here, Carlos and Debbie had sex in this very booth. That memory rose unbidden in Debbie's thoughts.

She believed he'd do the same right here and now. Carlos was making his intentions plain as he put his hand under her dress. Just at that moment, they heard a tiny voice. It was obvious it belonged to Piggy. She stood at the door to the bedroom inside the private booth and asked curiously, "Uncle Carlos? Mommy?"

Carlos and Debbie were enjoying their passionate kiss, and were startled by her voice.

A bit ago, Piggy complained of being tired, so Carlos had taken her to the bedroom and sung her to sleep. Debbie and Carlos were too focused on the fireworks between them to think about Piggy once she was asleep. Piggy, who just woke up, rubbed her eyes and stared at the two people on the couch with wide, innocent eyes.

Carlos sat up and straightened his shirt, which had been wrinkled because of his recent close encounter with Debbie. He then looked at Piggy with a soft smile. "Your mom had a stomachache, and I was rubbing her belly to help her feel better."

Debbie was at a loss for words.

"By kissing Mommy? Only mommies and daddies kiss," Piggy said with a serious expression.

This was what Debbie told her a long time ago. Debbie didn't expect her to still remember it.

Carlos came over to her and scooped her up in his arms. "Piggy's right. Only mommies and daddies kiss. Won't happen again," he coaxed her.

"Okay. Say sorry."

Carlos was shocked. He pulled a long face and apologized to Debbie reluctantly, "Sorry."

After giving Carlos a look of triumphant satisfaction, she pretended to be kind and generous. "You're good. Just don't do it again."

Looking at Debbie's smug smile and Piggy's innocent eyes, Carlos felt outmatched by the mother-daughter team.

When they left the club, Carlos suggested taking Debbie and Piggy to his manor. But Debbie had to work early the next day, and the manor was pretty much out of the way. She turned him down.

So Carlos asked Frankie to drive Piggy


Carlos then looked at Decker and answered seriously, "Yes. I'm her biological father."

'Because of Debbie, my daughter has to call Ivan "Dad!"'

Whenever he thought of it, he couldn't help but get angry at the woman in his arms.

"Dude! Seriously? Go home, Mr. Handsome. You're really drunk," Debbie slurred. She put a hand to the car to steady herself. "Piggy's mine," she added. She didn't know that Carlos had already had a DAN test done, and was still trying to fool him.

Carlos snorted, "Who's the father? You had her by asexual reproduction? She just formed a bud on your arm and fell off?"

"Yes... Er, no. Hayden's the dad." Debbie was panicked at the fact that Carlos already knew Evelyn's true identity. Her plan was unravelling, and things were going faster than she wanted.

"Hayden?" Carlos sneered. "You know what? I already asked him."


"Yeah, he said he didn't know who the father was." What Carlos didn't tell Debbie was that he used the Gu Group as leverage. If Hayden lied, he would have to deal with an unfriendly corporate takeover. A long time ago, Hayden had claimed he was the father while they happened to meet at a restaurant. That turned out to be a lie.

Hayden was a clever man. This time, he guessed that Carlos must know something, so he didn't try to mess with his head. He simply said he didn't know.

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