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   Chapter 442 The Party

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"No problem. Leave it to me." Debbie turned to look outside the window, eyes sparkling with happiness. She sincerely hoped that Kasie could fall in love with someone again. And Ivan would be a wonderful choice. Kasie was irresponsible, where Ivan was careful, methodical, and good at taking care of people. Debbie remembered how he took care of Piggy, and the care he showed as a single man.

At the paternity testing center of Y City

This was the second time Carlos had been here. For the first, he took Piggy here to do the DNA test. The second time, he came with Frankie to get the results.

Wearing a surgical mask and gloves, a lab tech handed the report to Carlos. "As per your instructions, I conducted the tests all the way through. No one else was involved."

"Good job," Carlos nodded, looking at the folder full of papers, his face betraying no emotion.

Frankie was expecting Carlos to open the folder and read the report right there, but the cold man stood up and left the center, report in hand.

Then Frankie drove him back to the manor. "Mr. Huo, remember Miss Nian's flight is due to touch down at 4:41 p.m.," he reminded.

"Mmm hmm."

When Carlos walked into the villa, Piggy was playing with the nannies. Seeing him come back, the little girl clumsily trotted towards him like usual.

He scooped the little girl up with one arm and held the folder with the other hand. As he walked towards the staircase, he told the nannies, "I've got her. Don't come up here without my say-so."

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

After carrying Piggy to his bedroom, Carlos set the little girl down on the floor. Piggy ran towards the bed, and climbed up onto it herself. "Uncle Carlos, sleepy."

"Okay. Let me help you with the blanket."

"Thanks," Evelyn said in a meek voice.

Carlos sat on the edge of the bed, fixing his eyes on Evelyn's lovely face. As time marched on, she began to resemble Debbie more and more.

Because she felt safe with him, Piggy fell asleep in no time.

After checking to make sure she was sound asleep, he opened the folder with the DNA result, deep in thought. His heart raced a bit faster as the nervousness set in. Two minutes later, he opened the report and flipped to the last page.

He wanted to know what it said.

Debbie stayed with Ivan's mom for two days. The older woman wanted her to stay a little longer, but Debbie's excuse was that she was worried about

ter falling in love with Sasha. I'm so glad..."

Someone pushed open the door to the private room. It was Carlos, Evelyn in his arms, and Kasie, who happened to arrive at the same time.

While the manager greeted the new guests, Debbie was hugging Jared and pouring out those emotional words about their friendship. Jared faced the door, but Debbie had her back to it.

The door opened quietly, and Debbie was so immersed in the touching moment that she didn't know what was happening. But Jared got a good look at who entered. 'Oh, crap!' He tried to struggle out of her arms.

Debbie thought that Jared wasn't used to her sentimental side, so she patted his back and said, "Don't move. Just listen." She was still so moved when thinking of their friendship.

"No, Tomboy..." Jared saw the icy-cold look in Carlos' eyes. If he didn't push Debbie away as soon as possible, he would be dead meat.

"Don't interrupt me. Let me finish, okay?" Oblivious to the situation, Debbie thought Jared was just trying to ruin the atmosphere. "From now on, don't call me Tomboy anymore. Sasha's my family, and you will be too. So maybe 'Sister'? I'd love it if you called me that.

"No problem. But can you please let go..."

"Sshh! Don't interrupt. Jared, I really miss the old days. We fought and skipped classes, and..."

"Debbie..." Blair called out in a hushed voice, winking at her.

Debbie stuck her head out and asked, "What's wrong with your eye?"

Blair was speechless.

Debbie was taken aback when she heard a cold and familiar voice coming from behind her. "Happy Birthday, mother of Evelyn."

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