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   Chapter 441 I Have A Husband

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Carlos held on to Debbie's waist. "Want me to throw you out of the room?" he spat. 'You're the only woman that can climb into my bed. Isn't it obvious I love you?' he thought angrily while staring into her eyes.

"I wouldn't if I were you. You'll be lonely," Debbie said playfully, tracing a finger down his nose, and wrapping her arms around him.

Her sweet smile turned him on. His breathing came in short gasps. He gritted his teeth, trying hard to stop himself. After a while, he cussed angrily, "Fuck! I really want to bang you now!"

Debbie was stunned. This was the first time she had heard Carlos say such vulgar words.

"Don't, Mr. Huo. I have a husband."

Carlos tightened his grip on her waist. Did she try to make him suffer? Was she doing this deliberately?

He sneered and tried to scare her. "So? You think that'll stop me?"

"No. But you won't do that now. I'm a star, and I'm married. We'll both be in trouble if anyone finds out we're having an affair. Think of your reputation."

Carlos smirked coldly. "We're still in trouble. We slept under the same quilt. Nothing happened, but no one's gonna believe that."

Debbie was lost for words. He was right. People would judge them no matter if they had sex or not. Their relationship looked too fishy.

She blinked naughtily and a sly smile crept across her lips. "So what should I do? Go to the press? And then you take care of the rumors?"

Carlos pinched her cheek. "Cut the crap. I can't bang you, but at least, help get me off."

Debbie was confused.


After a long while, Carlos went to the bathroom to take a second shower. Debbie brushed her teeth, wincing. Her arms were sore and aching.

Looking at her hand, recalling what just happened moments ago, Debbie blinked her eyes innocently. She hoped that Carlos wouldn't get mad at her once he found out her marriage to Ivan was a sham.

She was impressed. He'd held off, even after she tempted him.

The next morning, when Debbie woke up, Carlos wasn't in the bedroom. She guessed he might be downstairs, playing with Jus and Piggy.

After freshening up and changing into a proper outfit, she came downstairs. Carlos was helping the two kids with their breakfast.

Debbie kissed the two cute g

l fiancee before dropping that bombshell.

'A real fiancee...' A woman's face popped up in his mind.

"Okay. That's settled," Debbie nodded understandingly.

But Ivan added, "Hey, I have a way out of this. But I need your help." Debbie looked at him quizzically. "It's about a girl," he added.

"You talking about Kasie? So is it love?" Debbie blurted out outright.

Ivan frowned. "Am I that obvious?"

"Well, you kissed her. How much more obvious could you be?" Debbie tittered under her breath.

"She told you?"

"Yeah she did. She cried a lot and apologized. Poor Kasie. She doesn't know about our arrangement. How do you really feel?" Debbie wouldn't help Ivan before she figured out everything. She wouldn't help him if Kasie was just a fling.

He turned his body on the couch. "How do I feel? At first, I thought it was just sympathy. I felt bad for her having to bury her lover. But then I realized it was something more than that. I...I think I love her. I want to find out, but she won't do anything because we're married."

"Okay. Tell you what: I'll hook you up after I get back home. Ivan, just remember, treat her right. She's suffered a lot. She deserves to be happy."

Ivan nodded, putting his hands under his head. Staring at the ceiling, he assured her, "Of course I will. But I want to do this right. That's why I need your help. You know why my mom insisted that we stay overnight? She wants a grandkid. Ending our marriage will make it easier to give her one."

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