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   Chapter 440 When Will You Divorce Ivan

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Being in the room at the time, Carlos heard what she said to Colleen over the phone. Without missing a beat, he glanced at Debbie and raised an eyebrow. He didn't pause at all, still reading to the kids.

His expression seemed to say, "Look! I'm a good man, aren't I?"

Debbie glared at him and walked out to the balcony. "Just have a good time. Leave the kids to us," Debbie said. "We have a ton of maids, and two of them are nannies..." All of which was true. The servants practically ran the household. No one had to lift a finger. Not Carlos. Not Debbie.

"Okay, okay. I get it. The reception here is bad, so no video chat with the kids. Give them my love. Good night," Colleen said.

"Uh huh. Good night."

Walking back to the bedroom, Debbie found that the two kids were still listening with rapt attention to the story Carlos was telling. They seemed so into the fantastic story that they weren't sleepy at all.

She entered the walk-in closet to grab the pajamas that the housemaid had prepared for her. She chipped in quickly, "I'm going to take a bath."

Carlos paused the story and told her, "Go to my bedroom then. There's no hot water in the guest bedroom where you are."

"Okay," Debbie nodded dubiously, but she didn't think much about it. She grabbed the pajamas and walked down the hallway to Carlos' bedroom.

When she finished her shower and emerged from the bathroom, she found Carlos already in there. He was lying on one side on the bed and browsing on his phone. Seeing her come out, he put his phone away and waved at her.

Wiping her hair with a bath towel, Debbie walked over to him. "What? The kids in bed already?"

"Yeah." Carlos sat up on the bed and pulled her over, making her sit on his lap. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the fragrance from her body. "You smell like me."

"Of course. I used your body wash and shampoo."

He gave her a quick kiss. "My turn. Don't move a muscle," he said, getting up and turning on the shower.

After a little hesitation, Debbie decided against it. "No. I'm heading to the guest room to unwind." She didn't mind sleeping in the same bed with Carlos, but after all, she was another man's wife now. There was no good reason for them to do that. What if someone discovered them? What if they talked?

A dash of displeasure flashed in his eyes. "What are you worried about now? You should've thought about this before you came over."

'People talk. It's what they do. You became the talk of the tow

his questions, and this was driving him nuts.

In a huff, he got off the woman and lay down next to her. Covering himself with the thin quilt, he said coldly, "Sleep."

Debbie pouted her lips gloomily. Nonetheless, she felt she had to make him happy. She moved closer and clung to the angry man.

But he removed her hand from his waist and turned his back to her.

Debbie was stunned for a while. Looking at his broad back, she couldn't help but giggle under her breath. He was so childish.

She tried again, pressing her chest against his back, and put her right leg and right arm on his body. She felt comfortable nestling against him when she slept.

Carlos didn't move away this time, yet he didn't turn to face her, either.

Debbie had slept a lot after coming back from the seaside resort, so she was wide awake. Resting her cheek on his back, she asked in a hushed voice, "Mr. Handsome, do you still love me?"

Carlos couldn't believe she had asked such a stupid question. He finally turned his body around, and under the dim light, he stared at her with contempt in his eyes. "What do you think?"

Debbie pouted, "I don't like the look in your eyes. Do you hate me?"

"That's a really stupid question. Ask questions like that, and you'll get the stink-eye."

"No way! The only stupid questions are the ones that don't get asked. And you never tell me you love me, so how should I know?" Debbie retorted defiantly.

Carlos grinned cunningly. "You don't know? Like you said, I'll tell you when you divorce Ivan."

"If you don't tell me how you feel, why should I divorce him? What if I get divorced but you don't love me at all?"

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