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   Chapter 439 I'll Be Your Cousin-in-law

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Of course, what prompted Debbie to look into the link between Stephanie and James was something Miranda had said. She told Debbie there was something fishy going on there.

"Don't worry. Maybe Mr. Huo's not as savvy as James, but he's way wealthier, and more powerful. If anyone can dig up dirt on James, it's him," Jared said confidently. He had faith in Carlos.

"Let's not be carried away. Carlos isn't God. He can't do everything. He still doesn't know who killed Megan. Curtis won't do anything about it, but Carlos and Wesley are on it. Even they haven't found anything conclusive."

"I know that, but I don't think you give him enough credit. Oh, did you hear? The cops found Megan's diary. I think Carlos will have that diary soon. What do you think that manipulative bitch... I should respect the dead, right? What do you think Megan had written in her diary?"

Debbie shrugged. "How should I know? I spent more time trying to keep her away from Carlos than I did getting to know her."

And even more infuriatingly, even dead, Megan was still a troublemaker. Someone framed her for Megan's death. 'Whoever that guy is, I want to throw him into the sea and watch the sharks tear him apart!' she swore in her mind.

"Fine, I'll drop it. Doing anything fun for your birthday? I bought something for you. Your birthday is just around the corner—why haven't you said anything? No party?" Jared asked on the other end.

Debbie's lips twitched. "Aren't you nosy today? Is it because you're happy you'll have a kid soon?"

"I guess I am kinda talking your ear off. Sorry. And of course I'm happy. I have a kid on the way, you're going to be vindicated, my dad and Damon don't hate me because of you anymore, and you'll get back with Carlos soon. Why wouldn't I be happy?"

A ghost of a smile played across Debbie's face. She wasn't as happy as he was. "Look, Jared, when Carlos finds out the truth, he'll feel pretty bad about what happened. But that's not what I want. I want him to remember everything about me. I want the old Carlos back. I don't want his pity; I want his love. It will be hard for him at first, but at least he'll get it, and we can make up for lost time. Besides, when he spoils me again as he used to, that'll be the time I carry out my p

mean brother? He's already more than thirty. Does he look that young to Jus?' Debbie wondered and shifted her gaze to the man. 'Well...he does look young.'

Jus nodded and greeted again, "Uncle... Hi."

Carlos touched Jus' head and teased, "Uncle? Debbie's your cousin, and I'll be...your cousin-in-law soon enough."

Debbie got all choked up by what he said. Caught off-guard, she blushed and rolled her eyes at him. "Just eat," she said angrily.

He nodded and walked to the bathroom to wash his hands, still holding Evelyn in his arms.

The manor used to be quiet with almost no one there. Now, the whole house was noisy with children's animated shouting and laughter. You could even hear them on the third floor behind closed doors.

Carlos didn't think he'd get any work done tonight, so he stayed in the living room to play with the kids after dinner.

When it was bedtime, Colleen called Debbie. "Debbie, how's Jus doing? Can you two handle the both of them? If not, I can pick him up if you need me to."

Debbie took a glance at the little boy and assured her, "We're good. Jus is just fine. He just took a bath and Carlos is telling stories to the kids."

"What? Carlos is telling them stories? He doesn't seem to like kids very much. You sure he has the patience for them?" Colleen asked in disbelief. She could hardly picture Carlos with a kid.

"Oh yeah, he's been playing with them after he got home. I don't need to take care of them. He does all the work," Debbie said with a happy smile.

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