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   Chapter 438 I'll Marry You

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Stephanie grabbed a bath towel and draped it over Carlos' shoulders. Looking at him through tears, she said, "Carlos, you're finally back. I was so worried."

Carlos nodded without responding to her. He looked in Debbie's direction instead. Debbie was surrounded by all her friends, who were grateful she was happy and healthy. "Debbie," he called out.

Everyone's head turned in his direction. Even Debbie was surprised.

The other people from the rescue team had already left, so there were no outsiders around. Without taking his eyes off Debbie, Carlos declared bluntly, "Divorce Ivan. I'll marry you."

Dumbstruck, everyone lapsed into silence.

While everyone else was reeling from the shock, Debbie's mind was racing. 'Oh my God! In front of your fiancee? What were you thinking?"

That was not what everyone else was thinking, however.

Kinsley thought, 'Nice move, bud!'

Ivan complained, 'Wow, what about me?'

Kasie sighed, 'Oh man, poor Ivan!'

Niles marveled, 'She's so amazing! Especially if Carlos fell for her!'

Wesley snorted, 'She's got him hooked good.'

Blair exclaimed, 'Good for you, Debbie!'

Stephanie cursed, 'You backstabbing bitch! You'll pay for that!'

After the harrowing experience Debbie and Carlos went through, nobody was in the mood for a vacation. So, they canceled the rest of their plans and made arrangements to go home.

Debbie took a nice, hot bath after she returned home. Then, she slept the whole day in her own bed, too exhausted to do anything else.

However, compared to Debbie's relaxing day, Carlos was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He needed to, as work had piled up while he was gone.

Without taking any time to de-stress, he asked Wesley, Damon and Frankie to come to his study in the manor. They had a long meeting. In the end, Carlos ordered Frankie in a serious tone, "I need comprehensive background checks. One, on James, and... Evelyn."

'Evelyn?' Confused, Frankie looked at his boss, whose deep, dark eyes betrayed nothing. Carlos explained calmly, "Debbie's child. James claimed she had an abortion three years ago. Find out if that's true."

Frankie fi

ked as she walked into the wardrobe and began putting together her outfit. She felt wonderfully refreshed, so she volunteered to pick up Evelyn and Justus and take them on a play-date at Carlos' manor.

She promised Carlos. What was more, he sent her a message this morning to make sure she remembered.

She had just texted him back, telling him that she was up now. But she hadn't gotten a reply. He was probably busy.

"Mr. Huo is doing a serious investigation on his dad, leaving no stone unturned. He'll know everything by the time that's done. Damon also asked me about all the rumors. Did you abort your kid? Is Piggy Carlos' daughter? He had a lot of questions."

Debbie was surprised. So Carlos did keep his promise. He was just the most wonderful man. But she really wondered about something else. Eyes brimming with tears, she asked, "So what did you tell him?"

"That he was an idiot. Those rumors were all lies. I said you never cheated on Carlos! I wish you could have seen the look on his face. He looked like he had just eaten shit. He didn't know if he could face you anymore. Ha-ha..." Jared burst into a fit of laughter.

Debbie laughed too. But then she let out a long sigh. "Don't count James out yet. He's a sly old fox. I've done my own investigations, too. And when he found out he was being looked into, he was able to have info hidden and cover his tracks. He laughed it all off when he was confronted with it."

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