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   Chapter 435 Monsters

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 7420

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They slept in each other's arms, underneath a tree.

The night was cold. To keep warm, Debbie kept snuggling closer to Carlos in her sleep. The touch of their bodies aroused him. But he understood: now was not the time.

Debbie realized too, when he turned over and she saw his erection. "S-sorry... it's really cold," she apologized.

The only thing she had on was a bikini. Of course she was cold. Carlos realized he should have built a lean-to. Then at least they'd be warmer.

Carlos adjusted his breathing and held her tighter. "Go to sleep," he said.

And Debbie, comforted by his touch, drifted off easily.

Carlos removed his arms and got up quietly. Then he took off his swimming trunks and draped them over her, hoping

me up later. We'll switch."

Carlos nodded, "Okay, close your eyes."

The fighting wore her out, and Carlos' scent was soothing. Within minutes, she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Then a whisper woke her. She opened her eyes slowly. There it was again... "Debbie..."

"Yes," she responded, her words slurred by sleepiness.

"I want you," she heard him whisper.

"Okay," she smiled in her sleep.

He started to caress her, to nuzzle her neck. His desire grew stronger with every passing moment, but eventually, he stopped.

Watching the woman who was in a light sleep, he clenched his fists to keep his desire in check. He could have her, but he also had to consider the problems she would have to face afterwards.

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