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   Chapter 433 Thank You For Being Alive

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Carlos only gave her a long look. When the killer whale swam towards them, Debbie was so frightened she clutched Carlos tightly. "Run! Run!" she screamed, scrunching her eyes closed, too spooked to open them.

She heard water thrashing behind her, but soon it was quiet.

"Open your eyes," Carlos coaxed her.

When everything was quiet, Debbie's fear fled. She opened her eyes slowly. Her jaw dropped when she caught sight of what was right in front of her.

Carlos was stroking the killer whale's head!

"Are... are you crazy? I-I-it's going to eat you!" Fear filled her. She clung to his arm even tighter.

Since they boarded the boat, they'd been through a lot. Her day was filled with moments of terror and danger. She wondered if she would die from a heart attack soon.

For example, right now, her heart was pounding like it would burst through her chest, and she couldn't feel her legs.

Carlos, however, didn't seem scared at all.

Noticing the incredulity on her face, he explained, "About the only people these guys attack are their keepers. They like people."

As if to prove what he had said, the killer whale moved its huge body towards Debbie and butted its head against her playfully.

"Ugh! Help!" she cried. Suddenly, she wanted to be home. She really missed a bunch of people: Piggy, Curtis, Colleen, Kasie, Decker, even her mom. "Boo...hoo..."

Carlos smiled. He gave her a pat on the back and said, "It likes you."

'What? ' Debbie stared at Carlos in shock. Cautiously, she looked back. The killer whale seemed to be smiling at her.

Seeing her look at it, the killer whale swam out farther, jumping out of the water and slapping its tail against the surface. Just when Debbie thought it was leaving, it leaped out of the water and dived in again, and sea spray cascaded upwards.

Debbie was impressed by the performance. Her heartbeat steadied. "The dolphins in the aquariums are like this. So adorable."

"Wave to it," Carlos said quietly

e everywhere. Clearly, this island was deserted, and always had been. Each step they took was difficult.

Carlos asked Debbie to wait for him on a flat spot. But Debbie was afraid that some scary creature might be hiding in that small grove. It was at least big enough for a person. She decided to stick close by him.

They found nothing. No people, nor anything that could float in the water.

After making two circuits around the island, they finally gave up. The sun was high in the sky, and the heat was punishing.

Carlos took Debbie to a big tree and sat her down. It provided a fair amount of shade. Then he found two sticks and some dry grass and began to make a fire.

A few minutes later, when she saw the flame, she praised, "Old man, you're my one and only hero." He was her omnipotent superhero.

Carlos smiled, "You must be hungry. Stay here."

After stirring the fire, he walked towards the sea.

But Debbie followed. "Stay here? Where would I go? Let me help you."

"I'm catching fish."

"Catching fish? How?"

Carlos looked around. Then he found a piece of driftwood, and hacked at it with a rock until the end was sharp. Under Debbie's amazed gaze, he walked into the water, wielding it like a spear.

Just then, Debbie pointed out toward the sea and shouted, "Look! Big guy is here!"

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