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   Chapter 431 If We Survive

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 6596

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Carlos didn't have much time to think. He made a beeline to the wheelhouse.

The cruiser sailed on against the wind. Waves slammed against the craft, dumping more water on deck. Debbie watched the huge waves in terror. "Carlos!" she screamed.

But Carlos already knew what was going on. "Sit tight. If the boat comes apart, jump into the water. Be careful not to swallow any. Preserve your energy," he told her. Neither of them had a phone, not like it would do them much good. They were a few miles offshore, and out of range of most cell towers. They had to find a way to survive.

Blood drained from Debbie's face. "Don't go," she said.

Another raging wave struck the boat. Debbie was almost thrown out of her chair. She grabbed the chair as tightly as she could. Her hands hurt.

Carlos approached the wheelhouse quickly. But he couldn't get the door open. Someone had locked it.

Just then, a furtive man wearing a straw hat made his way to the stern stealthily and closed the door to the cabin.

Debbie saw him and shouted, "Carlos, that man is locking the door!"

Carlos shot over there to stop the man, but it was too late. The door was locked.

Debbie turned to look at the other end. Luckily, the bow door was still open. "Carlos, that way!"

Hearing her, he rushed over to Debbie and took her towards the front door of the cabin.

They got there quickly, but the man with a straw hat had been just as quick, trying to lock this door as well. He didn't know who he was facing. Carlos kicked the man hard and sent him sprawling onto the deck. The man rolled on the deck in pain, covering his chest with both hands. His straw hat flew away.

Huge waves kept hammering the boat. The water inside the cabin had reached her thigh.

Carlos took her into his arms and said, "Don't be afraid. I'll find something you can hold onto in the water. If things get too dicey, I want you to jump overboard. Look. Two o'clock. There's a small island over t

. Look! Over there! See those clouds? Low-hanging, and steel-gray. That means rain. But don't worry. If it rains, our helmsman will bring the boat back in."

Wesley felt something was amiss. "Go back to the resort. Wait for me. Don't go anywhere before I come back," he told Blair.

"Why not? You're so bossy. We came here on vacation, so why can't I go outside?" Blair complained.

"Carlos and Debbie are in danger," he said seriously.

"What?" She stood straight from shock. "It's just rain. The sailor says the helmsman will bring the boat back to port if it rains."

Wesley was too anxious to explain further. "Be a good girl and go back to the village. I'll be back soon."

"Okay, be careful." He always worried her.

"I will. Inform Kinsley and Niles." Wesley urged Blair about something else before he asked a pilot and some good sailors to take him out. The boat started sailing in a hurry.

The expression on Wesley's face became graver and graver as it rained more and more heavily.

Since Carlos and Debbie didn't have their phones, Wesley couldn't reach them. They might be out of cell distance anyway.

He was sure something bad was happening to them. He grabbed a sailor and asked, "Who was the crew on that boat?"

The sailor shook his head. "I dunno. Never seen them before."

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