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   Chapter 429 I Lost The Bet

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 6824

Updated: 2019-08-29 00:27

'Just tell them I won? But I did win! Say what you want.' Trying his hardest to maintain a calm face, he teased, "You trying to take advantage of me?"

"What?" Debbie was confused. 'Okay, what's going on? I said he won.'

Carlos smiled and didn't explain. "So...what do you want, now that you've won?" 'I must be getting soft. I'm never that nice, ' he thought.

'He's so good to me.' Debbie smiled proudly and beckoned him over. Carlos carefully guided his motorboat closer. She originally wanted to blow a kiss to him.

But seeing Carlos' warm response, she felt her blood boiling. She jumped up from her motorboat and raced over to him. But she couldn't clear the distanc

e place Blair had described to her. She saw two people standing there. It was Carlos and Stephanie. She couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but they were definitely animated. Or rather, it was Stephanie who was saying something. Carlos just stood there, not even looking at her. She might as well be talking to a rock.

After a while, Stephanie stormed off. Debbie decided the time was now. She walked over to Carlos. "You had a fight?"

"No," he answered curtly. He wouldn't do something that stupid.

"So it was all Stephanie?" she asked again.

Carlos didn't bother to deny it.

Debbie held his arm and asked him, "I'm sorry, old man. Did she make you sad?"

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