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   Chapter 428 Being In His Arms Was Like Heaven

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Carlos glared at Debbie, who was in a black bikini, his eyes dark.

Debbie was having a good time splashing in the water. She and her friends were batting a ball back and forth. She squealed each time the ball hit the water and droplets hit her. She had no idea that Carlos was biding his time. He was horny, and he would have her.

This was a time to cut loose, and the seaside was a great place to do it. Whether you liked to play in the water, on the water, or under it, there was something for everyone. Diving, snorkeling, water aerobics, surfing, boating, jet skiing—the list went on and on.

Debbie and Niles decided to rent a motorboat together. Just as he sat behind her on the motorboat, he was yanked away by a mighty force and thrown into the water.

Niles struggled to surface and shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes. He rubbed them afterwards. Debbie laughed out loud seeing this. "Who did that? What the—" Upon seeing Carlos' cold face, Niles stopped cursing. "Have fun," he stammered with a fake smile.

Carlos asked for another motorboat, pulled up next to Debbie, and asked her, "Race with me?"

'A race with Carlos?'

Debbie hesitated for a while and finally nodded her head. At least they'd get to be alone for a bit.

Niles yelled at the others, "Hey guys! Check this out! Mr. Huo is racing with Debbie!"

Ivan and Blair were the first to get there, and then Kasie. Kinsley got in Stephanie's way, though, pestering her and talking to her. He was still intent on separating her and Carlos.

Debbie put on her glasses and flashed a broad smile at Carlos. "What if you lose?"

"Then you can bang me whenever you want!"

Debbie gnashed her teeth and raised her fist to threaten him. He was so crude sometimes.

Carlos curled up his lips and said, "Name it."

'That sounds fair. I intend to collect, believe me, ' she thought. "You have to do what I say without complaint. I've got three things I want," she said with a proud smile.

'Three? That's too much!' Carlos thought. "Two! What if you lose?" he asked.

'Fine. Two, then, ' Debbie thought. "Okay. If I lose, you get two things that you want. Fair enough?"

"No problem!"

Ivan cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "You can do it, Debbie!"

Disdain and sympathy were written all over Niles' face as he stared at Ivan. 'Man, your wife is flirting with

is resort, anyway?" she asked.


'Uncle Curtis? Why isn't he here?' The thought popped into her head, so she asked, "So why aren't he and Colleen here?"

"He said he had to take care of the kids," Carlos answered.

That was when Debbie realized Piggy was staying with Curtis.

She thought Piggy was with Ivan's mother.

'I'm such a bad mom. I leave my kid behind, and go fool around with my ex.' Debbie blushed again.

"When I get back, I'll take care of Piggy and Jus so that Uncle Curtis and Colleen can have some fun for once," she said.

"Why not take the kids to the manor?" he suggested.

Debbie pouted her lips and said on purpose, "What about Stephanie?"

"And what about her?" Carlos replied, nonchalantly. He didn't really feel like having Stephanie around. So he'd tell her not to go there. Problem solved. Stephanie had suggested they live together in the manor, but he turned her down. Something told him that would be a bad idea, so he rejected it out of hand.

But now he invited Debbie there. 'Maybe we were truly in love before I lost my memory, ' he thought.

"All right." This was a good chance to get close to Carlos. She was excited.

"Mmm hmm."

They had been out for a long time before they found Carlos' motorboat. They even had to drain a gas can to keep at it. He hopped back into his own motorboat and they headed back. "So who won?" she asked.

Carlos was puzzled. "What?"

"Never mind. Just tell them you won," she offered. 'But I think I was the winner, because being in his arms felt like heaven, ' she thought.

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