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   Chapter 427 She's Not Mad

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6120

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'People always say "don't introduce your boyfriend and your bestie." I thought it was a joke. But now I know why—I'm a bad bestie.'

Thinking of this, Kasie dissolved into tears, sobs wracking her lovely body.

Debbie was startled. She decided to wrap up what she was doing. "Gotta go, Ruby. Call you later."

She stood up, walked over to Kasie and asked anxiously, "Kasie, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Kasie shook her head. 'She's always there for me. But I...' Her weeping grew into hysterical cries. "Debbie... Tomboy... Boo...hoo..."

The last time Kasie cried like this was when Emmett passed away. After that, though she would cry every time she visited Emmett's grave, it was nothing like when he just passed on. This scared the shit out of Debbie. "What happened, Kasie? Tell me!" she demanded.

"Tomboy. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." Kasie clung tightly to Debbie, apologizing to her again and again.

'I'm a bitch! I kissed her husband behind her back, ' she thought.

"Just tell me what happened," Debbie said while stroking Kasie's back comfortingly. She was sure it couldn't have been so bad, but she wanted to hear it from her.

Kasie wiped the tears from her face, and chose to just straight up tell Debbie the truth. "Debbie, I... Mr. Wen... He...kissed me. I'm so sorry. I swear it won't happen again."

"That's it?" Debbie's reaction made Kasie's mouth drop.

"Yeah." With that, she snuffled, trying to keep the snot from running out of her nose.

'Why isn't she pissed?' she wondered. "I'm so sorry. If you want to yell and scream, go ahead. You can hit me if you want—"

"Kasie!" Debbie interrupted Kasie, who was visibly agitated. Kasie was finding it very hard to breathe, gasping and weeping at the same time.

Kasie lowered her head, sobbing and covering her face with her hands.


-guard, Debbie fell into the water again.

"Mmmph..." 'What an asshole!' she cursed inwardly.

Under the water, she found where he was and pinched his belly hard.

But she didn't aim well, and instead found that she grabbed something else instead. Something that was growing harder the longer she held on.

Carlos was instantly turned on. He grabbed her roughly and pulled her into his arms. He bit her lips to punish her.

Ivan, who was not far away, was dumbfounded. "Hey man! You sure you want to do that in front of her husband?"

Carlos didn't feel guilty at all after he knew about Ivan's affair. He let go of Debbie and answered indifferently, "Pretty sure."

Neither Ivan nor Debbie had a response for that.

After a while, Debbie was relaxing on the floating mattress. Carlos was lying next to her. "Don't do that in public," she told him. "Your fiancee is here, and my husband too."

Carlos cast a cold glance at her and asked, "Do you love him?"

After a pause, she answered honestly, "You're the only one I love."

'So why did she marry him in the first place?

Is it an open relationship? I could get real used to that!' Carlos thought to himself, a sly smile appearing on his face.

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