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   Chapter 426 Let Me Take Care Of You

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6928

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Stephanie played on her phone the whole time. She smiled sarcastically and thought to herself, 'I know what they were playing at! Carlos and Debbie were jealous.'

After the massage, the group left the spa and went to their respective rooms.

Blair asked Debbie and Kasie to the beach to enjoy the view. But Debbie was on the phone with Ruby, so she said, "Sorry, Blair. I'm busy. Go ahead. I'll catch up with you later."

Blair and Kasie headed for the beach, leaving Debbie alone in the room.

Just as Blair hit the beach, she got a call from Wesley. "Where are you?" he asked.

Blair raised her head to look at the stars above as she answered honestly, "Kasie and I are enjoying an evening at the seaside."

"Without me? Didn't you think I might like to go?"

Blair pouted her lips. "I thought you were hanging out with Mr. Huo."

"Well, not anymore. Wait for me. I'll be right over."

Before Blair could say something, he hung up.

With an embarrassed smile, she looked at her friend and stammered, "Kasie..."

Kasie heard Blair mention her name when she was on the phone, so she perked up her ears. Noticing Blair's guilty expression, Kasie gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Hey, it's okay. You're lucky to have a guy like Wesley. Don't worry about me. I'll hang out and wait for Debbie."

"Kasie, I'm so sorry. Call Debbie and get her out here," Blair said apologetically. She felt kind of helpless because Wesley was so clingy.

"I will. Don't worry." Kasie nudged her with a broad smile.

When Blair was out of sight, Kasie looked away and took in the view alone. She took out her phone and took a photo of the sky kissing the sea and posted in her Moments. She posted a caption, "The night view is breathtaking!"

Within a few seconds, Ivan sent her a message on WeChat. "Are you alone on the beach?"

"Yeah. Debbie's busy, and Blair just left a while a go," Kasie answered and went for a stroll, the gentle sea breeze billowing her clothing.

Her dress was wet, thanks to the spray from the water. Not long after, a man's voice

and how their love had been cut short. He really felt sorry for her.

"I want to take care of you from now on." Kasie was already in a swoon, thanks to the passionate kiss. Suddenly, these words snapped her back to reality.

She shook Ivan's hands off and yelled, "No! This is wrong. You're Debbie's husband. We kissed. I betrayed her..." Kasie ran towards the hotel in a hurry. 'I have to tell her and apologize, ' she thought.

Ivan grabbed her and tried to comfort her. "Kasie, listen to me—"

"NO! Get away from me!" Guilt overtook Kasie.

Ivan didn't dare touch her again. He could only follow after her, and it was only when he saw Kasie enter her room that he heaved a sigh of relief. He hadn't intended things to go sideways like this. And maybe he needed to tell Debbie his version of events.

Standing in the hallway, Ivan began to think about this. 'What was I thinking?

I know she still loves Emmett. I need to give this more thought.'

Kasie opened the door to the room that she and Debbie shared.

She slammed the door behind her and stared at her best friend, who was still on the phone.

Debbie blinked and mouthed, "What's up?" She could tell that something was not right with Kasie. She looked visibly distraught.

Kasie felt too guilty to utter a single word. They had been friends for almost ten years. But now she betrayed her for a man.

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