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   Chapter 425 The Farce

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Carlos could sense Debbie's tense gaze even with his eyes shut. He opened his eyes all of a sudden and looked at her.

The instant their eyes met, Debbie looked away. She now stared at the woman massaging Carlos.

Anger was written all over her face. 'She looks pissed.

Why? Who pissed her off?

And why steal glances at me?' Carlos was confused.

Ivan chuckled as he witnessed what was going on between Carlos and Debbie.

But before he could say something, Debbie opened her mouth first. "Hey Blair. The masseuses here are so hot. Maybe we could find some masseurs who are just as hot."

When she heard that, Kasie bit her lip. 'Tomboy must be jealous. I feel kind of weird, but I'm not attached. Ivan's her husband, ' she thought.

Blair, who was also angry at Wesley, slapped her thigh and agreed cheerfully, "Good idea. Manager Xu, we want masseurs. Stephanie, Kasie, you two game?"

Wesley, Carlos, and Ivan perked up their ears. The shoe was on the other foot now, so to speak.

They didn't want hot guys massaging their loved ones.

Niles didn't get it at all and was still busy chatting with his masseuse. Kinsley, who knew women well, instantly understood what was going on. Instead of stopping them, he spoke quickly to interrupt. He told the manager, "Manager Xu, have four masseurs more handsome than me to serve our queens."

The manager put on a flattering smile and said, "You must be kidding, Mr. Feng. We don't have anyone here more handsome than you. But, I will get the most handsome men available." Then he gestured for an assistant to call four masseurs over.

Wesley frowned deeply. Carlos, however, stared at Debbie instead of looking at his fiancee. Although there was no expression on his face, his cold stare shot daggers at Debbie, who didn't seem to care.

Ivan sighed with profound resignation as he knew Kasie got unwillingly dragged into this. In order to save Kasie

knew it wasn't a good idea to disobey Carlos. With a smile, he told Debbie, "Pepper Nian, can we swap massage therapists? Mine's too weak for me."

Unexpectedly, the masseuse before him immediately said, "You don't have to do that. I can apply greater pressure. How about this?" She went so deep it started to hurt.

"Ooooouch! Easy, easy!" It was clear to everyone there that he was in pain.

They looked at Niles sympathetically.

Niles said nothing. But in his mind, he was cursing nonstop. 'Fuck you, Carlos!' After taking a bit to recover, he pointed at Debbie and ordered the masseuse, "Go serve her."

The masseuse thought that Niles was not happy with her. She got anxious, tears blurred her vision. "I'm really sorry, Mr. Li. I can be gentle. Please don't—"

However, Niles interrupted her. "I...I want a masseur." He forced the words out. In his mind, he said, 'I hope you're happy, Carlos. You owe me one.'

The masseuse was stunned for a while and then thought, 'Is he gay?' She immediately stood up and said, "Got it, Mr. Li. Done and done."

Niles wanted to cry. He even lied about his sexual orientation for Carlos.

Seeing this, Debbie shrugged. She got what she wanted, so she lay back and enjoyed the massage.

So that was how the farce ended.

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