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   Chapter 424 I Can't Stand Sweet Foods

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 6536

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Debbie had her keen eyes locked on Stephanie's face, looking closely at the tiniest shift in her expression.

'The cold look in her eyes reminds me of Carlos, ' Stephanie thought and shivered. She bit her lips and retorted, "Carlos and I are in love."

Debbie stood up, lifted a knee, and pushed Stephanie into the water with her leg. Ignoring her shrieking, Debbie looked down at her and snapped, "You're lying! He never loved you. The only reason you're with him now is thanks to James Huo!

Just leave him, or you'll end up like Megan."

Stephanie raised her head all of a sudden, panic obvious in her eyes. "You killed her?"

A weird smile hung over her face as Debbie said, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

"I'll call the cops! I'll tell them you killed Megan." Stephanie stood up and staggered towards the beach.

Arms crossed, Debbie sneered and said coldly, "Go ahead. Call them. Meanwhile, I'll be with Carlos."

At that moment, she heard the sound of water splashing behind her.

Debbie turned around and saw Carlos surface. He looked back and forth between the two women and felt the atmosphere was rather tense. "What's up?" he asked.

Stephanie took a deep breath and said, "Carlos, she killed Megan!"

Debbie said with a raised eyebrow, "Really, Miss Li? That's slander, and I can sue you."

With a deep frown, Carlos scolded Stephanie, "Quit it!"

"It's true. She just admitted it!" Stephanie ran towards Carlos and held onto his arm tightly.

Debbie looked at her, her eyes full of scorn. "When did I admit anything? Are you hearing voices?"

"You..." She thought about it and then realized Debbie hadn't admitted to killing Megan.

Carlos shook Stephanie's hands off and told her coldly, "I've already had my men look into it. Debbie didn't kill Megan. Quit saying that."

Stephanie gritted her teeth as Carlos scolded her. That wasn't in the plan at all. She turned to look at the other woman and

leading them to a nearby spa. Niles grabbed Wesley's arm and shouted at the others, "Let's go, ladies. Keep an eye on your men. Otherwise, they might..." He stopped in mid-sentence and smiled slyly.

The ladies rolled their eyes and followed after them.

Kinsley booked them all with Carlos' money. The four women sat in a row, while five men sat opposite them.

Then, nine masseuses came over.

Debbie looked them up and down. All of them had perfect figures and pretty faces—probably a requirement to work here. With a professional smile, each of them placed a wooden basin in front of every guest and put the guest's feet into the medicated water.

Niles and Kinsley were both single. They chatted with their masseuses cheerfully, flirting with them and laughing.

With his eyes shut, Carlos leaned back on his sofa. Ivan and Wesley talked about whatever struck their fancy. They were all used to this.

Debbie felt uncomfortable for some reason. She turned to look at Blair and found she wore a similar expression.

But Stephanie's demeanor matched that of the men. She played on her phone while enjoying the foot massage.

Debbie stole glances at Carlos from time to time. 'Mr. Huo, aren't you a germophobe? Why do you let a strange woman massage your feet?' she cursed inwardly.

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