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   Chapter 423 Bitch

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"Mmm! This is really good. Another, please?" Debbie pleaded with a hopeful expression as she propped her hand against her chin.

Kinsley shook his head. "Sorry. There are only ten, and Niles already had two. How about you and your husband share one?"

Carlos and Stephanie happened to come over, and they also heard what Kinsley said.

Blair gave her iced coconut to Debbie and offered, "Debbie, have this one. I'll just drink something else."

Debbie immediately shook her head. "Come on! I was just teasing. Just drink yours. It's so hot, you need one to stay cool. Kinsley, please order some more."

Kinsley called a nearby waiter over, and asked him to ice more coconuts.

While all this was going on, Blair took a sip of her coconut water. Her eyes lit up as she exclaimed, "I love it. No wonder you want another one, Debbie."

"Exactly! Girls, let's go swimming." Debbie took off her bath towel and revealed a pink bikini with blue spots.

Kasie took off her towel too, and she wore a black bikini.

"Wow! Debbie, Kasie! You girls have it where it counts!" Kinsley whistled at them.

Niles' eyes lit up as he said, "Little Pepper! You're full of surprises! Hey Kasie, you want to play doctor?"

Debbie kicked Niles' leg and raised her fist to threaten him. "Hey, she's my bestie. Show a little respect!"

Niles wrapped his arms around his head protectively and took one step back. Pretending to be afraid, he said, "One more like that I'll need a doctor too. I'll be good."

Kinsley laughed out loud and teased, "Coward! Debbie, let's go swimming. Carlos, Wesley, wanna join us?"

Wesley and Carlos nodded and pulled their towels off. They went towards the sea together.

Stephanie, who was on the phone, had to quickly hang up and follow after them.

The men began swimming, while Blair whispered in Debbie's ear, "You're so lucky! I wanted to wear a bikini too, but Wesley said

d finally hit the beach.

Stephanie walked over to Debbie and looked down at her while saying, "You're married."

Not knowing what Stephanie wanted to do or say, she simply asked indifferently, "Okay?"

"Ivan doesn't love you," Stephanie mocked. She had never seen Ivan and Debbie kissing, hugging, or making out. In public, they were like an old, married couple.

Instead of getting angry, Debbie smiled and snapped back, "Carlos doesn't love you either."

"I know. But he'll always be mine," Stephanie said confidently.

Debbie giggled. "I doubt it."

She was going to do her best to bring Carlos back to her.

"You sound like you have a plan," Stephanie said in a cold voice.

While playing with the sand, Debbie said nonchalantly, "What else? I'll get back what's rightfully mine."

"Too late!" Stephanie said firmly.

"Too late?" Debbie scoffed. She looked even more alluring with the charming smile that she wore on her face. "Carlos is sleeping with me tonight."

"Debbie Nian!" Stephanie said through gritted teeth. "You are such a bitch!"

Instantly, Debbie fumed, but she did her best not to lose her temper. "I'm a bitch? That sounds more like you. You stole my husband while he suffered from amnesia. Or maybe thief is more like it!"

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