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   Chapter 423 Bitch

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"Mmm! This is really good. Another, please?" Debbie pleaded with a hopeful expression as she propped her hand against her chin.

Kinsley shook his head. "Sorry. There are only ten, and Niles already had two. How about you and your husband share one?"

Carlos and Stephanie happened to come over, and they also heard what Kinsley said.

Blair gave her iced coconut to Debbie and offered, "Debbie, have this one. I'll just drink something else."

Debbie immediately shook her head. "Come on! I was just teasing. Just drink yours. It's so hot, you need one to stay cool. Kinsley, please order some more."

Kinsley called a nearby wa

nd like you have a plan," Stephanie said in a cold voice.

While playing with the sand, Debbie said nonchalantly, "What else? I'll get back what's rightfully mine."

"Too late!" Stephanie said firmly.

"Too late?" Debbie scoffed. She looked even more alluring with the charming smile that she wore on her face. "Carlos is sleeping with me tonight."

"Debbie Nian!" Stephanie said through gritted teeth. "You are such a bitch!"

Instantly, Debbie fumed, but she did her best not to lose her temper. "I'm a bitch? That sounds more like you. You stole my husband while he suffered from amnesia. Or maybe thief is more like it!"

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