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   Chapter 421 Who Is Decker, Exactly

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Before ending the call, Ivan added, "I don't think I'll be good company. I'm too busy. So maybe bring a friend?"

"Okay, good idea," Debbie said.

After ending the call with Ivan, she thought about Kasie and called her right after. The girl on the other end was applying a Pure-Clay Clarify.

"You available the day after tomorrow?" Debbie asked.

"Yeah. What's up?" Kasie's voice sounded muffled as she was smoothing out the mask on her face.

"We'll be spending a few days in a seaside resort. Wanna come?"

"Sounds good. How long?"

"Why—I don't know. I'll ask and text you later."


The two girls chatted a little while longer before saying good night to each other. After hanging up, Debbie went straight to bed. But she didn't go right to sleep.

She suddenly thought of a question and texted Carlos. "Who is Decker, exactly?"

Debbie realized she really didn't know him.

She remembered when they lived together. She was busy with her career and didn't really know what he did all day. All she knew was that when she came home he'd be playing games on his phone. So she figured he was a mobile gamer.

After what happened tonight, she needed to step back and take a fresh look. This wasn't the same Decker she used to know.

He couldn't have changed like that overnight.

It was probably more accurate to say that she never understood her brother. Probably, the Decker she saw tonight was who he really was.

As she was immersed in her thoughts, she received a reply from Carlos. "He's your brother. Not mine."

Debbie really wanted to punch that man. 'You jerk!' she cussed angrily.

"Yes, he's my brother. But we lost contact until about 3 years ago. He didn't even want to admit we were related at first. He finally gave in, but that was when he started treating me like his personal ATM." Debbie texted Carlos again, telling him the truth.

Three minutes later, Carlos replied, "He lied to you."


"It's not for me to say. Just...look into it."

Debbie was irritated, but she didn't dare throw a tantrum now.

So she simply replied, "Good night."

The next morning, she got up, stretched, and briefly considered making breakfast for Decker. But, when she poked her head insi

getting married?" Niles asked, deliberately adding fuel to the fire.

Blair caught a glimpse of Debbie's face. The poor girl. Blinking her eyes, Blair asked Wesley in a sarcastic tone, "So they're on some kind of lover's retreat? You didn't tell me that."

Wesley frowned. "Carlos didn't tell me."

Pulling a dramatic face, Blair nodded, "If I knew that was going on, I would have stayed home. I don't want to be a fifth wheel."

Debbie suddenly stood up. "Oh crap. I forgot to wash my hands. Just start without me."

"It's not a honeymoon. We're just here to relax," Carlos' voice suddenly rang from behind her, as if he was trying to explain.

Debbie didn't stop walking. She mocked in her mind, 'How could he possibly explain anything to me?'

Stephanie's smile froze on her face when she heard Carlos' words. Embarrassed, she echoed him, "No, it's just a vacation. After we get married, we'll honeymoon in another country."

Everyone was silent. No one was interested in replying to her.

They didn't start eating until Debbie came back from the ladies' room. As if nothing happened, she sat casually between Ivan and Kasie. Ivan picked up a slice of salmon sashimi to her plate. "Here. Have some. You must be starving."

"Thanks." Debbie then bowed her head and focused on the food.

Maybe because she had already gotten used to the heartache, she managed to collect herself and changed her mood in a short time. Now, she began savoring all this seafood on the table.

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