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   Chapter 420 Get Out

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Debbie even doubted that she had mistaken him for someone else. She never knew that Decker had such a brave, strong side. 'Is he really my brother?'

Niles was rendered speechless. He then turned to Carlos and asked, "Did you give him anesthesia?"

Carlos shook his head.

Shocked, Niles stared at Decker, his mouth agape. He gave him a thumbs-up and without wasting any more time, he continued to stitch the wound.

After washing his hands, Carlos asked Debbie, "Is dinner ready?"

"Hmm, on the table." Debbie absent-mindedly raised her arm and pointed to the direction of the dining table.

Carlos grabbed hold of her raised arm. "Let's eat together."

"No, I—"

Before she could decline, he dragged her all the way to the dining room.

Carlos frowned when he saw that they were going to have only instant noodles and sandwiches for dinner.

Debbie sat down in her chair. Sighing helplessly, she told him, "Don't complain. You know I haven't been home for months. I have no food here, and the supermarket is already closed. Lucky that we at least have instant noodles. See? My brother is pathetic as hell. He's a patient and he can't even eat noodles."

Carlos didn't say anything. He sat down, took his chopsticks and began eating.

Even though it was just instant noodles, since it was cooked by Debbie, it tasted different from the ones he had eaten before. It tasted good. Like she had added some sort of special ingredient in it. An invisible ingredient that affected his mood, which aroused his appetite. He even ate the sandwiches and kebabs she had prepared.

By the time they wrapped up their dinner, Niles had finished suturing Decker's wound and put him on a drip. Decker was exhausted from the pain and fell asleep soon after.

Niles put the medical tools back in his case and carried it out of the bedroom. When he saw Debbie cleaning the dining table, he asked in disbelief, "I was busy saving a patient in there, and you guys were enjoying dinner?"

Carlos nodded, "Yes."

Niles scoffed, "Don't you think you're being a little unfair?"

Debbie shook her head and teased, "Nope."

Niles gaped at her in disbelief. They had ganged up on him! 'Fine, whatever. After all, they used to be a couple.'

After instructing Debbie on how to take care of Decker and his wound, Niles left. Carlos went to the balcony and called Yates to ask him about Eckerd's information. Eckerd was a

ext door. It was purely because she was married, and he was engaged. She believed that Carlos had his principles.

And she had guessed right.

After kissing her passionately for a few minutes, he let go of her.

While she was still panting, he hugged her tightly once again. 'She's here.' He felt her warmth against his body.

Debbie grinned playfully. She lifted a finger and stroked his chest flirtatiously. "Mr. Huo, we're having an affair right now," she teased him purposely.

Carlos said in a low growl, "You're cheating on your partner, but I'm not."

"How come?" She blinked in confusion. Besides, even if she was having an affair, it was him who had seduced her.

"Because I'm not married yet." He broke free from her.

Debbie pouted angrily. She retorted, "You're engaged, aren't you?"

"Yes." He tidied his clothes and added casually, "So, don't try to seduce me again."

'What? When did I seduce him? I didn't do anything!' she screamed in her head. She scoffed at him, "You were the one who seduced me. Get out of my bedroom now." She pushed him to the door.

Carlos didn't retort. "Go to bed early." With that, he strode out of her bedroom and left the apartment.

Debbie shook her head, unable to comprehend the man's behavior.

No sooner had Carlos closed the main door than her phone rang. It was Ivan. "Hey," she said.

"Hi Debbie, are you free now? I'll be spending a few days in a seaside resort with a few friends the day after tomorrow. Would you like to join us?"

Debbie didn't want to. But she couldn't bring herself to turn him down, so she nodded, "Okay."

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