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   Chapter 416 My Brother Is Lucky

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'Fallen in love? Seriously? You just met Niles, ' Debbie thought, massaging her aching temples. She murmured to Irene, "Don't fall for someone so easily. Let me tell you this—in a relationship, whoever falls in love first, suffers more."

Irene hadn't dated anyone yet, so she didn't have much experience in love. But she said confidently, "Debbie, you know me. I always get what I want."

Debbie shook her head helplessly and patted Irene's hand. "Focus on your career now, okay? You haven't held a proper concert yet. I know that you are not worried about money, but at least do it to feed your passion."

"Debbie, when will my brother wake up?" Irene quickly changed the topic.

"Hopefully by tonight..." Debbie said with a sigh.

And just as she had predicted, Ivan woke up around seven that night. Irene was playing on her phone and Debbie was sitting in a chair, texting Decker. "Decker Lu, what the hell have you been doing these days? Are you alive or not?" she wrote.

"Debbie..." Ivan called out weakly.

Debbie swiftly looked up to find Ivan awake. She smiled and walked over to his bed. "Ivan, you're finally awake."

Irene put her phone away in a hurry and walked to his bedside too. "Ivan, how are you feeling now? I'll call the doctor."

She pressed the nurse-call button and told the doctor that her brother had woken up. Soon, a doctor and a nurse came in to give Ivan a full check-up. "He's okay now. Just need some good rest to recover."

"Thank you," Debbie said, relieved.

After seeing the doctor and nurse off, she grabbed a cotton bud, dipped it in a glass of water and rubbed it on Ivan's lips to moisten them, just as the doctor had advised.

Seeing how carefully Debbie was looking after her brother, Irene couldn't help but marvel at them, "Deb, you're so good at this. My brother is really lucky to have you as his wife!"

The fake couple exchanged glances with each other, and then burst into a fit of laughter.

Of course, they weren't happily laughing because they were glad to have each other in their life. They just found Irene cute and pure. The girl had no idea that their marriage was a lie.

Misunderstanding their laughter, Irene giggled innocently. She was still thinking how lucky Ivan was.

She even pictured how wonderful it woul

since it was kept in a thermos container. Her hand was swollen red already.

When he noticed that Kasie had scalded herself, Mason gasped. He grabbed her hand to check it. "Are you okay? Are you hurt, Kasie?"

Kasie nodded, biting her lower lip to suppress her cry. Then she walked to the bathroom and placed her hand under the cold water to relieve her pain. After that, Mason took her to the nurse station to apply some ointment on it.

By the time they came back, a cleaner had already changed the quilt for Ivan. He was eating the soup which Mia had poured for him. Seeing Kasie and Mason at the door, he asked with concern, "Kasie, how's your hand now?"

"Nothing serious. Thank you." Kasie forced an embarrassing smile and sat down on the sofa.

As he drank the soup, Ivan talked to Mason about business. Mia would chip in occasionally and say something about the Zheng family. Kasie was sitting on the sofa, silently texting Debbie. "When will you come back to the hospital?"

But Debbie didn't reply.

Ivan finished the soup, but Debbie still hadn't shown up. Mason checked the time on his watch and looked at his daughter. "Kasie, stop playing with your phone. Your mom and I need to head home now. Since Debbie isn't here yet, you stay and take care of Mr. Wen until she comes."

"Okay," she nodded.

After the old couple left, Kasie and Ivan were left alone in the ward. Awkward silence filled the air. Kasie smoothed her hair and tried to diffuse the tension. "Mr. Wen, do you need to get some sleep?"

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