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   Chapter 415 I Think I’m In Love

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 5694

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Debbie had returned the bracelets to Tabitha. And Tabitha had accepted them, which meant that she no longer thought of her as a daughter-in-law.

Elsie was amiable and caring. She had helped take care of Piggy whenever Debbie needed a favor. Now that Debbie and Ivan were married, she could truly call her "Mom."

"I can't reach Ivan. Can you have him call when he gets home from work?" Elsie asked.

"I will," Debbie promised.

"Okay. It's Piggy's naptime. Talk to you later."

"All right. Bye, Mom. Bye, Piggy."

Piggy waved at Debbie happily. "Mommy, bye-bye."

Debbie blew a kiss to Piggy before hanging up.

'Little one, sorry, Mommy can't spend time with you right now, ' she thought sadly.

When she arrived back at the ward, she sat beside the bed. To her surprise, a moment later, Niles walked in. She had forgotten he worked at this hospital.

"Hi, Little Pepper," he said to her quietly.

Debbie raised her eyebrows. "Why do you call me that?"

Niles replied, "Damon calls you Pepper Nian a lot, so I guess it sounds natural."

"Why does he talk about me? He doesn't like me, so I bet he bad-mouths me a lot," she wondered, one hand cupping her chin.

Niles shook his head. "No. He's a hothead, but he's okay. He likes you, you know."

Debbie laughed. "Oh, come on. I'm not dumb. Why are you here? Don't you have some rounds to make?"

"No. I heard you were here, so I came to see you. Don't worry about Mr. Wen. He is expected to recover quickly."


Niles stole a glance at Debbie as he adjusted Ivan's IV. Then he asked in a whisper, "But you like Carlos. Or am I missing something? Why did you marry Ivan?"

He had been curious about this for

no time for me."

Irene was mad. She wiped her eyes and turned to Niles. "Hey, you! Quit trying to break them up! It makes you less cute."

"Fine. I'll go. Bye."

Irene thought about it for a second and then asked, "Hang on. What department are you in?"

"Why?" Niles wondered.

"If you don't tell me what department you're in, how am I supposed to know what's wrong with me?"

Debbie was speechless at her words.

Niles was amused. He laughed and told her, "You don't need an appointment. I can give you my diagnosis now—lovelorn."

Irene rolled her eyes at him and waved her hand with a wry smile. "Off you go."

Niles shoved his hands into the pockets of his uniform and flipped his tongue to make a noise to draw her attention. "Listen up. I'm part of the surgical department. Niles Li."

Irene winked at him. "Got it. I'll come see you."

Debbie asked her, "Did you come to see your brother or to hit on hot doctors?"

Watching Niles' receding figure, Irene giggled. She put her arm around Debbie's and said with an charmed expression, "Debbie, help me. I think I'm in love."

Debbie was lost for words.

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