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   Chapter 413 Bring Two

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7081

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Debbie was preparing to go to dinner with Elmer Xue. She thought about getting a caretaker for Ivan while she was gone. Then Kasie walked in.

She pushed open the door and walked quietly into the ward. "Debbie," she called.

"Kasie." Debbie put her phone away and stood up from the chair to greet her friend.

Kasie brought a lily bouquet and handed it to Debbie. While Debbie scrambled to grab a vase, Kasie said quietly, "This is for Ivan. Thank him for saving my life. The bullet was meant for me."

"Why are you telling me? You know our marriage is in name only," Debbie said.

Kasie looked at Ivan thoughtfully and shook her head as she replied, "You're still his wife. And I've seen you two together. You care about him."

Having been unable to find a vase, Debbie put the bouquet on the table beside the bed. She said casually, "Oh, come on, the only reason we got married was..." The rest of her words stuck in her throat. She wasn't sure she was quite comfortable with it.

Kasie had moved to the head of the bed, staring at Ivan, lost in thought. She couldn't stop thinking that she should have taken that bullet instead of him.

'Oh no!' Debbie cried inwardly. 'Is Kasie falling for Ivan?'

Emmett had been dead for three and a half years. She was madly in love with the man when he passed, and grieved heavily. In that time, she'd never looked at another guy the way she was looking at Ivan now.

'Wow. Will she be surprised... to find out he's gay?'

Debbie was flustered. She said hastily, "Kasie, have you been to Emmett's grave recently?"

She knew Emmett's name would make Kasie sad. Not wanting to look Kasie in the eye, she lowered her head, pretending to arrange the flowers.

Sure enough, Kasie came to her senses when she heard Emmett's name. The expression on her face was back to normal. She secretly pinched herself. 'Kasie, what were you thinking? He's Debbie's husband!' "N-not yet. I'm thinking going there in the next few days. Why?"

"Do you want some company? Since I'm here." Debbie feigned a casual tone. 'Sorry to bring Emmett up, but I didn't want to see you

erve. It's divine, like nectar of the gods. I'd like a bottle of that."

'Private reserve?' Debbie had never had a glass. Nor did she know anything about it. But since Elmer had asked for it, she didn't think it mattered, as long as Elmer was happy. "Bring two," she said to the waiter.

The liquor was brought to the table quickly. Debbie filled Elmer's glass and said, "Mr. Xue, please have a taste."

Elmer touched his potbelly and smiled faintly, "I've had more than a few glasses over the years." It meant he knew damn well how it tasted.

Debbie forced herself to smile. "Right. What was I thinking? Mr. Xue has been around the world. Of course you'd know." She raised her glass. "To your health, Mr. Xue."

They clinked their glasses. Elmer gulped his liquor down.

Debbie only sipped a little. She hadn't come for drinks but to make sure he wouldn't terminate the contract. If it took some alcohol, so be it.

"Since you're so sincere, I'll be honest. If you weren't a singer of Star Empire, or Mr. Huo and Mr. Wen's friend, I would have fired you on the spot."

Debbie smiled awkwardly. 'Why can't he just say he signed me because I sing well?'

She felt frustrated because she didn't want people to think that she relied on men.

Debbie drained her glass sullenly. Then she refilled Elmer's glass and said, "You're right. Mr. Huo owns Star Empire, and takes care of his employees."

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