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   Chapter 412 Me Again

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After the paramedics carried Ivan into the ambulance, Kasie walked over to Debbie and hugged her. "Debbie, I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

Debbie's voice was choked. "No, it's mine. You were kidnapped because of me." Aldrich knew he might be able to overpower Debbie, but not both her and her bodyguards Carlos had hired for her. So his best bet was to get at her through Kasie.

With red eyes, Kasie held her tightly, unwilling to let go. "I was so scared. But you fought them off. Can you teach me? Then next time, things will be different."

Before Debbie could respond, they were taken down to the station for a statement. The police wouldn't be kept waiting.

Debbie had been at the police station way too many times. She started to think that she must have been jinxed or something.

Once they had given their statements and were allowed to leave, Kasie asked her parents to go home, and she accompanied Debbie to the hospital.

At the hospital

Ivan was still in the ER. The doctors were doing their best to save his life. They had the bleeding under control and washed the blood away from the wound, and several blood packs were brought in to replace blood lost from limbs and vital organs. Debbie and Kasie waited outside.

Debbie took her phone out of her pocket. The screen had been broken during the fight, but it still worked well enough. She found Carlos' number and texted him. "You saved my life. Thanks, old man."

She got no reply.

Debbie sighed. 'He must be mad at me.'

Several hours passed. Finally the sign above the door of the ER was turned off. The doctors walked out. "Doc, how is he?" Debbie asked one of the doctors.

The doctor nodded wearily. "Thank god we got to him in time. The bullet's out, and now we wait. "

Both Debbie and Kasie were reassured by his words.

They moved Ivan out of the ER shortly after the operation. Debbie and Kasie rushed over to the hospital cot as soon as they saw him. He was still in a coma.

When they were in the ward, Debbie let out a huge sigh of relief. This mi

e got a message from him. A brief one—"take a hike!"

"Okeydokey, bye." Debbie put her phone down with a smile. When she gazed at Ivan, who lay there quietly, she was seized by mixed emotions.

Should she tell Ivan's mom? Would Ivan get mad if she did? Stumped, she called Irene for advice. "Where are you?" she asked her.

"I'm in Milan for an MV. You should be making an MV on Jeju Island. Is it nice there?" Irene asked cheerfully.

Debbie sighed. "I've been so busy. My name has been cleared, but your brother was hurt. Work is stacking up."

"What happened to my brother?" Irene's voice was thick with worry.

"He was shot, but he's in stable condition. I wonder if I should tell...Mom and Dad about this." Debbie was about to say "your parents." Then she changed it to "Mom and Dad."

Since she was married to Ivan, his parents were now hers.

"Shot? " Irene's volume went noticeably higher. "What happened? Tell me."

Debbie said after a moment's hesitation, "Maybe you should ask your brother when he wakes up. Think I should tell Mom and Dad?"

"Nah. Just wait. Didn't you say his condition has stabilized? I'll check on him in a couple days. Mom hasn't been well the past two years. I'm afraid the news will stress her out."


"I'll have my assistant book a flight. I'll be out there ASAP."

"Talk to you then," Debbie said.

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