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   Chapter 411 Are You Okay

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 7122

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Debbie was practically backed into a corner. Her dagger flashed, high, low, overhand. She slashed these men with the dagger again and again. Left, right, forward and backward, she sprang and slid, hacking and slicing. Bodies clashing. The sound was quite appalling.

Aldrich walked over to Kasie and pulled the rope, lowering Kasie to ground level.

Tied, unable to move, she could only watch Debbie fight against a group of ferocious men. Her face stung from the warm tears.

But the man wasn't interested in watching them fight. He really just needed this over. Suddenly, Aldrich held the knife to her throat and shouted, "Debbie Nian! One wrong move and she gets it!"

'Damn it!' Debbie cursed. She leaned backwards to dodge a bodyguard's attack. His meaty fist swung in front of her, narrowly missing her face. The bodyguards stopped attacking and watched their leader breathlessly.

Panting, she glared at Aldrich and bellowed, "Come at me! Let her go!"

Aldrich snorted, "I can't. Not until you divorce Ivan!"

"Okay! But you have to promise you won't harm Kasie," Debbie compromised.

Just then, a commotion was heard at the entrance. Soon, Ivan walked in with a black eye and a swollen face.

He didn't know martial arts and had taken a beating as he tried to get in. "Who's responsible for this?" Aldrich yelled at his bodyguards when he saw Ivan's features marred by bruises.

But since he didn't look masculine at all, he wasn't menacing even in his rage.

Pointing at Debbie and Kasie, Ivan demanded, "This is between you and me. Let them go."

"No way! Only after you divorce her," Aldrich said, his eyes fixed on Ivan's face. Though bloody, bruised and smudged, that face was still as attractive as ever to him.

Yet his hands shook uncontrollably as Ivan walked towards him. Debbie's heart was in her mouth. He still held the knife, and Kasie was still in danger. Quietly, she reached for the lipstick weapon in her pocket and aimed it carefully. She pressed the button and fired the dart. It sped toward Aldrich's hand.

"Ah!" The dart buried itself in Aldrich's phalanges. The man screamed

"No. Why are you here?" she said, shaking her head, still unable to believe that Carlos had come to her rescue and was standing right in front of her. This was like something out of the movies.

"Why didn't you tell me about the kidnapping?" he reprimanded.

If he hadn't had her secretly followed by bodyguards, he would never have known she came here.

Debbie didn't know how to explain. "He—"

"Right. You're Ivan's wife now. You don't have to tell me anything," Carlos smiled wryly. When he heard she was here alone, he ducked out of an important meeting and immediately climbed into his sports car. He raced all the way there, pedal to the metal, putting all his driving skills to the test.

He had tackled all the sentries posted outside without a sound. When he stepped inside, the first sight that met his eyes was Aldrich drawing a bead on Debbie.

He had been so nervous that he could hardly feel his heart beat. But she was another man's wife. Her husband was with her. What was he doing here? Now, he realized how ridiculous he was acting.

Without waiting for an explanation, he turned around and made his way to the entrance.

Debbie was left speechless.

'He calls the cops and zooms here to save me. Then, he makes sure I'm okay, and just...leaves?' she thought.

She didn't have much time to think about this, though. Ivan had been shot, and she needed to make sure he was safe.

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