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   Chapter 409 Kasie Was Abducted

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Debbie sneered. She had expected that answer. "What else did he do?" she asked the man on the other end of the line.

"After he was discharged from the hospital, James visited the Li family several times. And he was acting very secretive. Our men are still following him," he replied.

James was close to the Li family. That was why he had insisted that Carlos marry Stephanie. So, Debbie didn't think it was odd of him to visit the family. "Okay. Have you found anything about the people who had kidnapped Sasha three years ago?"

"Not yet. Those men had left the city right after they were paid. Nobody knows their whereabouts."

Debbie nodded resignedly. "I see. Thanks. Keep following James and let me know if you find something."


That evening, when Debbie arrived at East District Manor, the house was only lit up by the lights in the hallway. Carlos wasn't back home yet.

Debbie busied herself in the kitchen preparing dinner as she waited for him. A few moments later, she heard a noise at the door. It had to be Carlos. She walked out of the kitchen, carrying a tureen of soup to the table. Carlos walked in. "Did you have dinner?" she asked.

He looked at the dishes on the table and replied, "No."

He had anticipated that she would cook dinner for him, so he had come back from work on an empty stomach.

"All right. Wash your hands. Dinner will be ready in a minute. I'm just finishing up the last dish." Debbie was relieved that he had come back for dinner. Or she would have wasted all that time in the kitchen for nothing.

She had thought about calling him before she started cooking. But then she had changed her mind, considering that it was a sensitive period for both of them.

"Carlos," she called as they sat at the table, having dinner. But the rest of her words froze on her lips. Her mouth formed a thin straight line and she lowered her eyes. She poked the rice in her bowl, preoccupied with her thoughts.

Carlos looked at her but since she didn't say anything further, he didn't ask what was on her mind. They ate silently until Carlos was about to finish his rice.

"I can't prove my innocence. There were no cameras in that suburban area. Things are looking really bad for me right now. It's a dead end. If I can't provide an alibi soon, I will be arrested again," she blurted out

e suburb within two minutes. Hence, she couldn't have murdered Megan.

There was only one possibility now—someone, who looked like Debbie after plastic surgery, had grabbed her knife and had killed Megan with it.

It would be time-consuming to find out who had committed the crime.

But at least the footage proved that it wasn't Debbie. Now that she had been ruled out as a suspect, she had her freedom back. All she needed to do now was help the police find the real murderer.

Yet, her life was far from being peaceful.

Just as her life was getting back to normal, Kasie's mom called her out of the blue. "Debbie, where are you?" asked Mia in a rush.

There was anxiety in her tone. Debbie didn't miss it. "I'm at work. What is it?" She was preparing for her next concert. Moreover, Ruby had arranged a lot of ads and shows for her. She was super busy.

"Ka- Kasie has been abducted."

"What? " Debbie stood up abruptly from the chair. "What happened?!"

Mia said in a choked voice, "They said that it was because of you, and if you want Kasie to live, you will have to go to a recycling center, alone."

Those words sounded so familiar to Debbie. She recalled that three years ago, when Sasha was kidnapped, James' men had said the same thing.

Had James finally resorted to his old schemes again? "Did they say why they were doing this?"

"No. They only said that you had to go there alone. If you take anybody else with you, they will kill her."

The same trick and the same words. Debbie was almost sure that this was James' play.

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