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   Chapter 407 I Ate Everything

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7879

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Xavier told Debbie that the police hadn't granted her bail. Many of her friends tried to bail her out, including Ivan, Curtis and Jared, but they failed. Law enforcement wasn't budging on this. She was a superstar, and traveled too much. They considered her a flight risk.

Finally, Ivan was left with no choice. He called Carlos. Carlos' assistant went forthwith to the police station, trying to talk the bail bondswoman into letting Debbie go. He even tried subtle intimidation, but she wasn't budging. Carlos himself confronted an officer on vacation in a suburban resort area. They had spent several hours drinking tea and chatting before the officer finally granted Debbie's bail.

Debbie guessed that James was probably behind it. It was possible he used his influence to make sure the cops didn't make it easy for them. A corrupt cop could potentially deny someone bail and refuse payment.

Through the window, Debbie saw the myriad security guards patrolling the area. She sighed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Carlos had helped her a lot this time, saving her from jail and worse, and she needed to thank him.

She made a cup of chrysanthemum tea and headed for the study.

The CEO had told her she didn't need to knock. But that was three years ago, and he had amnesia now. He might not remember ever granting her that privilege. So she knocked on the door instead.

She didn't open the door until he responded. It was weird, hanging back like this, acting as though they were strangers. But she could do little else.

Carlos was hunching over his laptop, the light from the screen illuminating his face. She placed the cup on the desk and said, "Drink some tea first. It'll help your eyes."

"Thanks," he answered simply.

Debbie took a deep breath and began, "I need to thank you. If it—"

However, Carlos' ringtone saw to it that she couldn't continue. She stole a glance at the screen and saw the caller ID—Stephanie.

"Hello?" he said coldly.

After Stephanie said something, he suddenly raised his head to look at Debbie.

Debbie thought he was implying she should leave, so she turned around. But she heard him say, "I'm too busy to make it there. Go to bed early. Get some rest."

Debbie was at a loss whether she should leave.

Carlos hung up the phone, took a sip of tea, and said, "That hit the spot." He th


So Carlos still remembered what she said.

She blinked her eyes and told Carlos, who was going upstairs, "I think your fiancee might want some company."

"She's fine."

"Can I sleep in your bedroom? I don't want Megan's ghost coming after me."

Carlos was rendered speechless.

After a while, he said, "Feeling guilty? Don't."

"I don't feel guilty. But I'm afraid of ghosts," Debbie said pitifully.

"You can call Ivan over. I don't mind you two staying in the guest room." Suddenly, he turned around and warned her expressionless, "But no sex."

Debbie's jaw dropped.

Ivan wasn't really on her mind. He was busy with something, though she didn't know what. Besides, she wanted to work on Carlos without anyone else around.

After saying good night, Carlos went to his bedroom, while Debbie went to the guest room.

At a high-class villa zone in Z Country

Ivan pushed the car door open, got out and slammed the door. Then he walked towards a villa. Many posh cars were parked out in front.

The music was quite loud. So loud you couldn't talk to another person without yelling. When Ivan entered, he saw more than ten men and women dancing and making out.

When she saw Ivan, a woman turned off the music. Silence befell the house.

With a long face, Ivan looked at a man who was sitting on the sofa and hugging another guy. The man looked up, and then moved away from his friend. He stood up, came over to Ivan and hugged him tightly. "Ivan, you're finally back!"

Ivan pushed him away and shouted angrily, "Fuck off! All of you!"

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