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   Chapter 406 You Broke The Law

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Updated: 2019-08-21 03:32

Debbie tried her best to stay calm. "Officer, may I ask how Megan was murdered?" she asked.

The policeman looked at her warily and answered, "She was raped and then stabbed with a knife. She bled to death."

Debbie was confused. "She was raped. How could I have done that?"

"We've already caught the rapist. He had left the spot after raping her, but then returned after some time. He claims that he saw you stab Megan Lan multiple times."

Saying that, he produced a transparent plastic bag and placed it in front of her. "Is this yours?" he asked.

Inside the bag was a knife.

Debbie's eyes widened in horror. "This is mine! But I was getting married today. Do you really think I would go out and kill someone several days before my wedding?"

The policeman stopped taking notes and lifted the pen from the notepad. He looked her in the eye and asked, "How was your relationship with Megan Lan? Did you get along?"

Debbie wondered how she could explain her relationship with Megan without making it sound like she had always wanted to murder her. "I admit that Megan and I were not getting along well, but I had never thought of killing her."

"Why weren't you two getting along?"

The interrogation lasted a long time.

Debbie was on the brink of a meltdown. She kept repeating the same words—"I didn't kill Megan. I need my lawyer. I will find evidence to prove my innocence."

Three-odd hours later, another policeman entered the interrogation room. "Debbie Nian, your lawyer is here."

She saw Xavier and Ivan walk in.

Ivan was acting somewhat strange. Xavier said, "Debbie, things have become a bit complicated. The surveillance video from that night shows that Megan was taken out of the city in your car."

Debbie's breathing hitched. A cold shiver ran down her spine. Someone was deliberately framing her!

'Who did this? Who raped and killed her? Why?' she wondered.

Xavier told her more about the case. It was an engineer who had raped Megan. The man had already been caught by the police. He admitted shamelessly that he had raped her because she was pretty and he couldn't hold back his desires.

Ivan retorted, "No, he's lying. Someone must have hired him to rape her." He had a hunch as to who might have hired the man to rape Megan.

Xavier cast a sidelong glance at Iv

me back and to take vengeance on Dad. Plus, it's impossible that she would go and kill Megan right before her wedding!' he thought.

What he needed to do now was find evidence to prove her innocence.

Although Carlos had done a good job in quashing those rumors about her arrest, many netizens still left comments under some posts of Star Empire and Debbie on Weibo, asking her to prove that she was not in the police station.

That evening, Debbie took a video of herself and posted it on Weibo with the words, "I'm still working, even at this late hour. Look at these dark circles! Gosh! My eyes are killing me."

It was like a slap in the face to those media outlets that were trying to defame her.

And rumors associated with the incident were deleted in the blink of an eye.

Debbie's loyal fans expressed their heartache for her being the target of cyber-bullying again. They even said that they would support her no matter what happened.

At East District Manor

Debbie was standing next to the bedroom window, reading her fans' comments. She was deeply touched by their love. She swore to herself that she would work harder and write more songs for them.

The bedroom door creaked open.

Carlos stood at the door with a serious look on his face.

She turned around to look at him, but said nothing.

He didn't say a word either. After a few seconds, he turned around and left for the study.

She was safe and sound; he was relieved.

Debbie was surprised by his silence. 'Should I go and thank him?' she wondered.

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