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   Chapter 405 Megan Is Dead

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Among the wedding guests were Ivan's family members and the couple's friends, including Xavier, Yates, Hayden and his wife.

After Curtis and the others were finally seated, the ceremony began. The small church was packed full of people.

Ivan stood next to the priest, waiting for his bride.

Standing at the far end of the red carpet, Debbie held onto Carlos' arm. She was clad in a beautiful white wedding gown, with lace at the top, highlighted with pearls studding the upper part. Her waist was belted by a fine silk sash, on which were sewn fine flowers of satin and silk. She was truly stunning.

Pausing there at the entrance of the church, Carlos and Debbie looked like a match made in heaven, almost as if it were those two who were to be married today.

Ivan watched as Debbie approached him on Carlos' arm.

When she finally stood in front of Ivan, Carlos held her soft hand and was about to hand it to Ivan.

Suddenly, he saw tears streaming down her cheeks under the white veil. His heart skipped a beat and he held her hand even tighter.

He couldn't bear to give this woman to another man.

When the priest repeated his request, it brought him back to reality. Carlos took a deep breath and gently guided her hand to Ivan's. "Be nice to her," he said.

He put his right hand in his pocket then, so no one could see it ball into a fist.

Ivan gave Carlos a gentle smile and answered, "I will."

People watched as Carlos turned around.

"Carlos!" Debbie called out his name, choking back tears, her voice hoarse from a broken heart.

He wanted to turn around, to run to her, hold her tight and never let her go, but decided against it. After all, it was her wedding. Without stopping, he walked off the stage.

Debbie felt her eyes tingling and could hardly help shedding tears. They flowed freely down her face now, staining her veil and her lovely dress. How she wished he would turn around and take her away!

But he didn't.

He didn't even slow his pace, much less take her away.

The priest began, "Ivan Wen, do you take Debbie Nian to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her fo

ng temples, he answered, "Mom, what are you talking about? Of course I love her. Why would I marry her if I didn't?"

"Then why does she still talk to her ex?" When she saw Debbie's ex-husband giving her away, Elsie was both dumbfounded and angry. She grew suspicious of their relationship.

"Come on, Mom. You know Debbie's family. Her dad's dead and her mom's missing. So I asked Mr. Huo to give her away. It's no big deal." Ivan made sure he sounded as calm as possible.

Elsie frowned and said, "I love Piggy a lot. But I don't like Debbie staying in touch with Mr. Huo. Tell her to stop talking to him."

"Got it, Mom. I promise. We're headed to the police station. I have to go. Bye."

Elsie had to hang up.

She sighed helplessly. Logan, Elsie's husband, patted her shoulder and coaxed her, "We know Debbie. She might be divorced, but she's no cheater. She's no murderer, either. Ivan will fix this. He's good at that."

Elsie didn't respond.

She was too busy regretting how hard she pushed Ivan into getting married. Now he was forced into a marriage he might not have wanted, because of her prodding.

In Y City

The police had brought Debbie to an interrogation room. Several detectives observed the scene behind a two-way mirror.

"Where were you at approximately 8 p.m. four days ago? And who can prove it?"

"Four days ago... I was at home. My daughter can prove it. I was with her the whole time."

"Your daughter is only two years old. She can't act as a witness on your behalf.

Anyone else?"

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