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   Chapter 404 Congratulations

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7100

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Niles sat in his car and watched as Carlos went inside Building 2 of the Champs Bay Apartments. He was dumbfounded. 'He said he wasn't going home when Stephanie came to pick him up. Why is he going back home now?'

After Carlos entered the elevator, Niles called his brother. "Wesley, I really don't understand Carlos," he complained.

"What happened?"

"When we met Stephanie, Carlos told her that he was going to stay overnight at my place. But after we drove away from her, he asked me to drop him at his apartment. I really don't understand what's going on in that head of his," Niles explained quickly.

After a short pause, Wesley told his silly brother, "That's because Debbie lives in Building 2 as well. She's on the seventh floor."

It took Niles a few seconds to grasp what he had said. "What? Debbie lives right above Carlos and Stephanie's floor?" he yelled into the phone.

"Mmm hmm."

'Nice job, Debbie!' Niles praised her in his mind with a grin.

There was only one apartment on each floor of the building. If there were two, Debbie would have taken the other apartment on the same floor as Carlos.

'It looks like she will stop at nothing to get him back. Now, I really believe that she loves him a lot, ' Niles thought.

'But if she loves him so much, why is she marrying another man? Is it because Carlos got engaged to Stephanie? Yeah, that must be it!'

On the seventh floor

The sheets and covers in the bedroom had already been removed. But Carlos remade the bed and slumped into it. He could somehow feel her unique fragrance in the room.

"Old man, I love you so much."

"Old man, will you kiss me?"

"Old man, rest assured. Harley will take responsibility for Millie."

When he closed his eyes, all he could think of was Debbie.

Her voice was so seductive when she called him, and her smile revealed how happy she was when she was with him.

But the woman was about to marry another man.

She might not call him "old man" anymore. Carlos closed his eyes in unbearable pain.

The day before Debbie's wedding, Carlos flew to Z Country. Ivan picked him up from th

thought to herself miserably, 'Why isn't he asking me not to marry Ivan?

Does he no longer love me?'

Despite their mixed feelings, they kept their silence all the way.

Six posh cars were waiting outside the villa. The one in the front was a red Maserati—the wedding car.

Curtis opened the rear door and gave Debbie a warm smile. Carlos gently placed her in the back seat.

He straightened her wedding dress and then planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Congratulations," he said softly.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She didn't want to hear that from him. How she wished he would ask her to leave with him at that moment!

However, she couldn't find any trace of such emotions in his eyes. He was the same old aloof president. Her heart ached when she saw his indifferent expression. She tried her best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

When Carlos retreated, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. They flowed down her cheeks silently.

At that very moment, she felt that she and Carlos were really over and that they could never be back together again.

Carlos closed the door and walked to the car behind the Maserati. Debbie bit her lips hard to suppress her cries.

She did not look away until he was out of her sight.

In around ten minutes, they arrived at the church where the wedding was to be held. There were only about thirty people in attendance.

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