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   Chapter 401 Come Back

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Carlos fell in deep contemplation over his relationship problems. He came to realize that no matter how successful he was in business, when it came to love affairs, he still had a long way to go. His natural instincts about matters of the heart weren't as fine-tuned as his razor sharp analytical skills.

On the surface, everything looked like it was a good ending for everyone—he was engaged to Stephanie and Debbie was to get married to Ivan.

But for reasons unknown to him, deep in his heart, there were lingered feelings of unease. His instincts were telling him that he was on the verge of losing something very precious to him. He felt tortured by these thoughts and no matter how hard he tried to use his work to keep his mind occupied, he failed. Especially when he'd see her, the feelings would grow stronger in his heart, making him lose control over his emotions.

Just as what he was doing at the moment. Carlos knew it was wrong to have intimate thoughts about a woman who was soon to be married to another man.

However, despite his strong self-control and the special training he had received in the army, he still couldn't control his desire for Debbie. He longed to hug her, kiss her, and take her. So he decided to act on his thoughts.

While Debbie found herself lost in the depths of his eyes, even she couldn't tell what he was thinking about. After seeing the intense look in his eyes, she finally gave in.

"Okay, but this will be the last time we have sex," she whispered to him.

But Carlos stood by what he said, "Don't marry Ivan." He eagerly looked for signs of regret on her face.

"No way,"

she refused again.

This time, he didn't reply anything more and banged her a whole night.

The following day, Debbie left Y City with Piggy. Later that day, Carlos saw pictures of Debbie at the airport in the news. But Piggy wasn't in the picture with her because Ivan had arranged for someone to take care of the kid and take her through a different VIP passage.

Three days later, Carlos received his wedding invitation card from Debbie, coupled with a picture of their marriage license.

Debbie's picture of her smiling brightly on the marriage license was an indication of her happiness. Carlos felt as though the picture was fashioned into a knife solely for the purpose of stabbing him in the heart.

As if that weren't bad enough, just two days before the wedding, Carlos received a photo of Debbie dressed in a beautiful wedding gown.

But it was Xavier who had sent him the photo.

"Mr. Huo, see you in Z Country," he wrote.

Debbie was dressed in a white satin backless gown scattered with crystals

Ivan kissed the little girl's forehead and left the bedroom. After closing the door for them, he went to the bedroom next door.

Debbie put down the towel and insisted, "Baby, put away the toys and go to bed now."

Piggy obediently handed all the toys to her mother. When Debbie put the toys back to the drawer, the little girl climbed into bed by herself.

"Good girl. I need to dry my hair now. I'll be back soon, okay?"

Piggy stuck her head out of the blanket and nodded, "Okay." Then she closed her eyes at once.

Debbie was deeply moved. She was so happy to have such a lovely daughter.

With feelings of gratitude in her heart, she walked to the bathroom and took out the hair-dryer to blow her hair.

Every two minutes, she would come out and check up on the little girl.

She could hear Piggy playing by herself and mumbling something under the blanket, but a few minutes later, she was quiet and fast asleep.

The sight of her daughter's calm sleeping face gave her a sense of calmness inside her heart as well.

At the Orchid Private Club

In Carlos' VIP room, a group of wealthy men leisurely played mahjong amongst themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Niles drew a mahjong tile from the wall. A big smile crept across his face as he laid his hand of tiles on the table. "Seven Pairs*, I win!" he exclaimed excitedly. (*TN: Seven Pairs is one of the winning hands of mahjong game.)

Five minutes later, Damon picked up the White Dragon* tile that Carlos had discarded and completed a set. He stood up and said, "Hey, guys, I win!"(*TN: The White Dragon tile is the one with a blue frame.)

Another five minutes later, Curtis showed his hand of tiles with a smug look on his face and said, "I'm sorry guys, but I win this round."

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