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   Chapter 397 Give Me Away

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7878

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After bidding farewell to Ivan, Debbie turned around to leave, but a woman stepped in her way. It was Ramona.

With sympathy in her eyes, Ramona stared at Debbie. "You're sad, aren't you?"

Debbie's heart trembled. She did her best to bury her emotions, hoping her face would betray nothing. She ridiculed the woman. "Why would I be? Because you threw me away, or because you left Dad? Nah, that can't be it."

Her words pained Ramona's heart. She tried to mollify her. "I'm so sorry. Give me a chance to make it up to you."

Before Debbie could reply, an old voice rang out, "Ramona!"

When Ramona saw the old man approach, her face changed abruptly.

Debbie wasn't interested in talking to either of them, and tried to bolt. But Ramona suddenly had a meltdown, shouting, "Dad! You're a parent. You should know how I feel. I haven't seen my kids in more than twenty years. Don't start with me."

Her miserable voice struck a chord in Debbie's heart. It didn't sound like she was pretending to be sad at all. Her anguish sounded genuine.

Debbie froze on the spot. She was conflicted, because she wanted to leave, but not like this. She turned to look at the woman engulfed by sadness. Her whole body trembled. Elroy showed no emotion whatsoever and simply gestured to the bodyguards standing behind him. On command, two of them stepped forward, ready to grab Ramona and take her away.

In response to this, Ramona completely lost control of her emotions. She cried hysterically. "Am I really your daughter? You've tortured me for more than twenty years! Why? When my own daughter is finally in reach, and you do this? Fifty is just around the corner. I don't have much more time. If I can't see my kids, why go on living?"

"Shut up! Take her away!" Elroy barked. Her cries elicited no sympathy from the old man, but instead, they added fuel to the fire.

Standing next to Elroy was Ramona's stepmother, Sybil. The woman just stood there, watching impassively. She made no move to stop Elroy.

As the bodyguards approached Ramona again, she suddenly turned around, rushed to Debbie and hugged her tightly. "The best thing I ever did was marry your dad, but probably the worst thing as well. Remember, I love you, and your brother too. Forgive me. I can't love you anymore."

Debbie was shocked by her emotional words. An ominous feeling

"How are you feeling?" a relative asked.

Hearing all these voices, Carlos broke free from Debbie. He closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them, he returned to his cold self. Instead of responding to everyone, he stared at Debbie and scolded, "You stupid woman!"

Debbie was silent.

Stephanie dusted off his clothes and straightened them as best as she could. She shot an angry glance at Debbie. "Miss Nian, Carlos is mine now. Back off!"

Not giving a damn about Stephanie's cold attitude, Debbie looked at Carlos expectantly. "Did you remember us? Is that why you saved me?"

Everybody around them went silent, each with different emotions in their hearts.

Carlos replied flatly, "Stephanie and I are officially engaged. I hope you can give up on me."

'Give up on you?'

Debbie's heart was shattered into a million pieces.

Stephanie and James led Carlos away, leaving Debbie standing at the spot in a daze.

A few bodyguards had already stepped into the roadway, stopping the cars to make way for them.

When they reached the other side, Debbie suddenly came back to her senses and yelled, "Carlos!"

Carlos stopped. After a little hesitation, he turned around.

"Fine. You win. Just promise me one thing." The man was only a few lanes away from her, but to her, he was far beyond her reach now. It was like he was thousands of miles away.

"Yeah?" He emanated an icy-cold aura, eyes dark as a black hole.

"I'll be married soon. Will you give me away, since I have no father?"

Her resolute voice pierced through the air.

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