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   Chapter 396 I Lied

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Since Tammy wouldn't admit she was lying, Debbie decided not to waste any more time. She motioned for Ruby to aim the camera at her and told all the fans, "Sorry about this, guys. Tammy claims she has proof I didn't write this song, but I don't think these documents and electronic copies are convincing enough. I have a witness, someone who knows I wrote the song myself. When I came back here, I really wanted to sign with Star Empire, so I auditioned for Mr. Huo. He gave me a chance and asked me to compose a song. But I had to do it all myself. Composing the music, writing the lyrics, arranging it in Pro Tools, everything."

Debbie paused, casting a sidelong glance at Tammy, whose face had gone pale. She continued, "I promised him, because I really wanted to work for Star Empire. Then I cranked out the song that Tammy claims she wrote. She said she wrote it two and a half months ago. But three months ago, I showed the first draft to Mr. Huo himself. I'm pretty sure he'll clear things up."

Debbie looked at Tammy and asked sternly, "You sure you want to go through with this? If he gets involved, then..."

Tammy already understood what Debbie was trying to say.

She shivered in fear. If Carlos found out, she'd be dead meat.

In an instant, she shook her head vigorously, tears streaming down her pale face. "No, no. I lied. I'm sorry! I was so jealous. I worked for years and nothing. Then you came along and shot to the top so fast."

The truth finally came to light.

Debbie stood up and glared at Tammy until the liar couldn't bear it anymore and had to look away. "Expect a letter from my lawyer," she told Tammy.

That was when it hit her that Debbie's lawyer was the famous Xavier Shangguan. Tammy almost fainted on the spot. She felt even worse, now.

After saying goodbye to her fans, Debbie closed the live chat room and locked her phone.

She was now alone with Tammy. She walked over and asked, "Whose idea was this? Tell me and I might not press charges." Debbie was being merciful. She didn't have to give her any chance at all, but she also wanted to get to the bottom of this.

But it didn't matter, since Tammy was completely flustered. She sang like a pigeon. "I don't know. He wired the money to my account and contacted me via phone. I never saw him."

"So it's a him?" Debbie asked.


"How old do you think he is?" Debbie had a pretty good idea who it was. But

he opened her mouth but stopped when she thought better of it. In the end, she chose to sit quietly.

Soon enough, the engagement ceremony started. Carlos was dressed in a blue Versace suit. He walked slowly into the hall, linking arms with Stephanie.

Carlos' fiancee was dressed in a long and white lace gown, a small diamond tiara on her head. It glinted and sparkled under the lights. She looked like an elegant queen about to meet her king.

Carlos kept his hand on her waist the whole time. They looked like a sweet and intimate couple, made for each other.

After they walked on to the stage, an MC began to preside over the ceremony. He told the guests the engagement rings had been carefully selected by Carlos. He had searched for the largest diamond in the city.

The ceremony went smoothly. At the end, the couple kissed, following cheers and a big round of applause.

Megan carefully observed Debbie's every move and expression. When Carlos and Stephanie kissed, she smiled smugly to see Debbie's face go pale. Although she was really scared of Debbie, especially after the raw eggs incident, she couldn't help but scoff. "Thanks for divorcing Uncle Carlos. Now he can marry Stephanie. She's better for him."

Debbie ignored Megan's mockery. She kept her eyes fixed on the couple cutting the cake onstage. She muttered to herself, "Should I just give up?"

Hearing no response from Debbie, Megan felt embarrassed and stopped trying to talk to her.

Before the party ended, Debbie and Ivan left the hotel before anyone else did.

They had a little talk in the parking lot before parting.

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