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   Chapter 394 Plagiarism

Take My Breath Away By Chang Du Characters: 7199

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"What you told me isn't reason enough for her to take revenge on you like this," Carlos said. He could sense that Debbie was way too eager to destroy James. 'She must have some other reason for it, ' he thought.

James was reduced to silence.

Carlos didn't rush him. He watched while the old man worded his reply in his mind.

"Okay. I'll tell you everything. You and Stephanie grew up together. Then, you two fell in love. I had already told the Li family that you would marry Stephanie. But then, you married Debbie. You didn't tell us this until three years later. Our son got married, but as parents, we knew nothing about it for three years. Just put yourself in our shoes. You would get angry too, wouldn't you?" James asked.

Carlos didn't deny it. He waited for him to continue the narrative.

James gulped nervously and went on, "So, I hate her. That year, you brought her to New York to meet us. She talked back to your grandma and made her angry so many times. She picked on Megan and made her cry every day. The most irritating part was that she thought you spoiled her, so she disrespected every member of the family with no regard for our feelings. Think about it. Who would have liked her?

Soon after that, Hayden had come to New York to meet her. They met in a coffee bar; they kissed and hugged shamelessly in public. You knew about it because you were there. You were so mad that you didn't speak to her for days. Unexpectedly, you forgave her.

Just when I thought we could finally have some peace in our family, she seduced Lewis. You beat the hell out of Lewis and moved out with her. Your mother begged you to stay, but you didn't listen.

I hated Debbie even more after that. I wanted you to divorce her. After your accident, I staged your death and told her that you were dead. I wanted to test her loyalty. I wanted to know how much she loved you. And she failed, and then she blamed me for lying to her. Yes, I did force her into signing the divorce agreement, but I did it for your own good. Even though I'm not your biological father, I love you.

It was a shock for me when I found out that she had come back f

was being accused of plagiarizing Tammy's lyrics. It had to be a joke, she thought. And somehow, she knew that there was more to this accusation.

She gave her phone to Ruby, who directed the camera towards Debbie. A tide of compliments flooded the comments section.

"Wow, look at Debbie's figure! She's perfect!"

"The red and white dress looks gorgeous on her. It goes so well with her skin color."

"Her skin looks too good. She must have done Botox for sure."

Others started following that comment and suspected that Debbie had done Botox.

Since more and more comments started flowing in saying the same thing, Ruby took out her phone and declared as the administrator of the broadcast room, "Debbie has never done Botox or had any cosmetic surgery. Her skin is naturally beautiful. She is only wearing light makeup. So, don't start rumors!"

After Ruby's clarification, the malicious commenters shut up for good.

Unaware of any of this nonsense, Debbie was still waiting for Tammy to let her in while she leaned casually against the door.

When Tammy found out that Debbie was broadcasting the whole thing, she opened the door quickly. She was wearing a long blouse. "I'm so sorry. Since I worked late last night, I was fast asleep and didn't hear the doorbell. Come in."

Debbie wondered if she was telling the truth. Tammy's hair was unbound and was a little dishevelled. She looked a bit muddled as well.

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