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   Chapter 393 Karma Is A Bitch

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Stephanie was happy— though she knew Kinsley was feeding her a line of bull.

Seeing her smile, Kinsley made the next move. He asked in a serious tone, "Miss Li, may I call you Stephanie?"

Stephanie looked him straight in the eye. She saw a look of love reflected in his gaze. "Yes," she conceded.

Kinsley put one hand behind his back and extended the other to Stephanie. "Stephanie, my beautiful muse, would you do me the honor of having lunch with me?"

Carlos never talked to her like this. She was touched. 'It's just a meal, ' she thought. "Okay," she agreed.

Kinsley's eyes narrowed with joy as he smiled. It was working so well. "Great. Let's go. It's only a five-minute walk, and there's no parking lot. Got your walking shoes on? If not, I can give you a piggyback ride."

'Piggyback?' Stephanie's heart was filled with warmth, and she swore it fluttered, but she shook her head. "I'm about to get engaged. Boundaries," she reminded him.

Kinsley acted disappointed. The smile on his face faded. "Okay. Shall we?"

Stephanie sensed his disappointment. She thought of Carlos. He didn't love her, she knew. Carlos was always cold to her, never betraying even a hint of affection. 'So why should I hurt this guy's feelings? He's better to me than Carlos.'

That afternoon, when Stephanie got back from lunch, she was in a much better mood than usual. There was a spring in her step as she walked the halls of the hotel. When she passed by Carlos' room, she knocked. A strange man opened the door. "Miss Li," the man said.

"Where's Carlos?" she asked.

The man moved aside to make way for her. "Mr. Huo is working inside."

Stephanie made to walk inside, but on second thought, she decided not to. "Oh, I'll come back later."

"All right, Miss Li."

She went to her own room. No sooner had she put her purse on the table than her phone buzzed. Kinsley had sent her a text. "You back in the hotel?"

She replied immediately, "Yeah, I just got back."

"Today was the happiest day of my life, spending it with you. I can't wait to see you a

royal procession, and few would soon forget what they witnessed.

Under pressure from the Internet and the other employees, James resigned. The board voted, and it was unanimous—Carlos was back in the saddle again as the new CEO. He was also made CEO of the New York branch.

All the accusations that Debbie had made were bulletproof. James had no way to fight against them.

He was so pissed that he passed out and was moved into the ICU.

As soon as he came around, Carlos handed him divorce papers and asked him to sign his name. James turned to the last page and saw that Tabitha had already signed hers.

He was mad, but mostly calm, til he came to the clause that said he wouldn't see a penny out of the divorce.

'Won't get a penny?' When he read this, James tore the papers into shreds, tossing them into the air. As they rained down around them, he shouted, "I won't get a divorce. I won't sign my name! I raised you like a son, and you do this! Everyone has turned against me, but you're my kid. I promise I'll be good to your mom. I'll fly back to New York as soon as I get well."

Carlos shifted his sharp gaze from the pieces on the floor to him. "I need to know what you did to Debbie three years ago. What makes her hate you so much?" he asked coldly.

James was stunned when Debbie's name was mentioned. "Didn't I already tell you everything?" he said.

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