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   Chapter 392 Domestic Violence

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7211

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"This is just too much for her," Debbie argued.

Without a word, Carlos picked out around ten dresses and asked the housemaid to pack them into Piggy's suitcases. Soon, the two suitcases were jam-packed. There wasn't any room for the rest of the clothes, let alone the shoes, which they hadn't even started packing yet.

Carlos went and got a bigger suitcase. He laid it open on the bed and started packing the remainder of the clothes and the shoes himself.

When he was finally done, he closed the doors of the wardrobe. There were only a couple of dresses and some pairs of shoes left.

Next, he opened a drawer and took out a giant box from it. Inside were some accessories he had bought for Piggy.

He carefully placed the box into one suitcase. By now, the three suitcases were crammed. There were some bags too, which had been filled with her toys. The day Debbie had brought Piggy to the manor, she had had only one small suitcase.

Staring at all the stuffed suitcases and bags, she realized how much Carlos had indulged the little girl. A pang of pain surged through her.

The housemaids carried the suitcases to her car, and she and Piggy headed back to her apartment.

In the evening, after Piggy had gone to bed, Debbie got a call from Ivan. "Debbie, my mother is pressing me. I'm about to give in."

"Okay. What do you need me to do?"

"You may need to marry me. But we can get a divorce anytime."

"Okay," Debbie said.

Later, she took Piggy to Curtis'.

It was then that she learned that Carlos and Stephanie had gone to M Country two days ago.

The news struck her hard. After getting back home, she curled up on her bed, with no strength left in her. Accidentally, she saw that Carlos had updated his Moments.

It was a picture of Stephanie on the beach without any captions.

Yet, it was enough to pierce her heart. 'Good job hurting me, Carlos.

You think I'm gonna sit here and do nothing about it?

Well, you're wrong!'

If she was unhappy, she was going to let everybody know about it.

The next day, an incredibly hot piece of news caught everyone's attention.

The headline read, "James Huo che


"A coincidence, is it? But my bodyguards already informed me that you have been stalking me for more than ten minutes now. I wonder why that is." Kinsley's expression changed into that of pure embarrassment. Stephanie sneered. "Huh! Who would have thought that the famous Kinsley, the youngest son of the Feng family, and the superstar of show business, is a stalker in reality?" Stephanie mocked, ignoring his pale face.

It was only then that Kinsley noticed the two bodyguards nearby. He smiled awkwardly, scratching his hair. "Oops! Busted. But, don't get me wrong. I saw you and just couldn't help following you. I didn't have any ill intentions."

"Were you following me around without any ill intentions?"

She got him there. Kinsley was stumped, not knowing how to respond to her questions. Luckily, he recovered quickly. "I'd like to invite you to lunch to apologize, Miss Li. May I have that honor? There's a nice Western restaurant around here. If my memory serves me right, you fancy French cuisine, am I right?"

"How do you know that?" Stephanie was surprised.

"Of course, I would know. You're my goddess. I paid attention to everything regarding you and bore it in mind, hoping that one day when I see you again, it would help me impress you. Just like today."

Kinsley was handsome, energetic, and funny. Even though Stephanie was a proud and aloof woman, she couldn't keep a straight face any longer.

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