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   Chapter 390 Back Inside The House

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Carlos took the receiver from his ear as he regarded the child. His gaze softened. He finally got back on the phone. "How could I have a kid out of wedlock? I'd rather let nature take its course."

"Okay, I'll butt out. Have fun. Bye," James said.


After the phone call, both father and son had something to think about.

James clutched the phone tightly, shaking. He should have gotten rid of that child 3 years ago. 'It must have been a moment of weakness, ' he thought. 'It's a time bomb. If Debbie leaks to Carlos that the child is his, it'll ruin everything. This is one time I hope I'm wrong, and that the child he's playing with is not Debbie's.

The woman has changed. She has far more influence than when I met her. I have to stop Carlos from knowing he has a kid.' He called his assistant in. A man walked in and bowed deeply. James didn't stop to greet him. He simply said, "Go to Z Country and find out if Debbie gave birth three years ago. If so, bring the child to me."

"Yes, Mr. James Huo."

After the assistant had left with his orders, James was relieved.

Around the same time, Debbie called Carlos to ask him about their trip to Disneyland. She joked, "You paraded my daughter around in public. Just make sure she stays safe, okay?"

"Uh huh." Debbie didn't have to tell him that. Carlos loved that child. He wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. She knew him. He'd protect her with his life.

Debbie didn't mind his indifferent tone. "Where is she now?" she asked.

Silently, Carlos swung the phone around to focus on Piggy. She was sitting on the edge of Carlos' bed, playing. "Hi, sweetie," Debbie said excitedly when she saw Piggy. 'She's so cute!'

Piggy looked up when she heard Debbie's voice. She smiled, baring her white little teeth. "Mommy, Mommy, new toy!"

she said, raising a half-assembled set of LEGO bricks, which Debbie had never seen in her apartment before. Carlos must have bought that for Piggy. 'But isn't LEGO for older kids? Can Piggy put all that together? And what about the choking haza


When his phone rang, Carlos checked the screen. Recognizing the caller ID, he picked it up.

Face to face, looking at each other, they talked on the phone, one in the parking lot, the other on the second floor of the house, staring out the window.

"Um, Mr. Huo, I came to pick up Piggy. Thanks for taking care of her. Could you please have a servant take her downstairs?" Somehow, Debbie resisted going inside the manor.

It was too depressing a place for her. She didn't want to find out who or what was waiting for her.

Carlos wasn't in the mood to indulge her request. "Come inside," he said. He hung up and walked away from the window.

Debbie grappled with her emotions in the car. She sat there for a few minutes, trying to muster up the courage to enter the manor.

The place brought back too many painful memories. She didn't know how to face it all.

Eventually, she killed the engine and stepped out of the car, shopping bag in hand.

She rang the doorbell, and a housemaid answered. She didn't know Debbie but was smart enough to understand that whoever could pass the guards at the gate was Carlos' guest. "Hi, Miss. Mr. Huo is upstairs. Please come in."

"Thanks." Debbie changed into slippers and walked inside.

The paintings, plates and the paneling were exactly the same as she remembered them, but the furniture was different.

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