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   Chapter 389 She Doesn't Behave

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"But..." Kinsley continued after pondering over Stephanie's looks, "I'm not interested in her. High-flyers tend to be boring."

"That's not true. I mean, she could be different. You can't judge a person just from their status in the society. What if you find her attractive?"

"Then I will have to turn you down right away. If I fall in love, then I'll have to get married. No way!" Kinsley rejected hastily. A wise man had once said that marriage is the grave of love. Kinsley was only thirty-one. He was not ready to step into the grave yet.

Debbie rolled her eyes. "Just give it a try. To see if your charm works on her, okay?"

"What if Carlos really cares about her? I heard that they were getting engaged in two weeks."

"That's why time is pressing. You have to charm Stephanie away from Carlos before their engagement ceremony. Seduce her. Woo her. Do whatever it takes to make her fall for you and give up on Carlos." Then Debbie turned to Ruby, who had been eating silently. She asked, "Am I sinking too low?"

Ruby knew a little about Debbie and Carlos' past. Shaking her head, she replied, "She stole your love life. She doesn't deserve your pity. Don't be soft."

Ruby's words worked like a spell. Debbie's guilt disappeared instantly.

Kinsley sighed when he heard Ruby's words. He raised his glass and said to Debbie, "Drink with me."

Although he didn't say it, Debbie knew that he had just agreed to do her the fovor. Her mood brightened. "Yes! Let's drink to the brink!"

As a result of that, Debbie made headlines once again.

In the manor, Carlos stared glumly at his phone screen, which was displaying the latest entertainment news.

The headline read, "Kinsley and Debbie on a date. Their relationship is finally public."

Below that were nine pictures. Some had been snapped when they were entering the restaurant, and the rest as they were walking out together. According to the pictures, they had entered the restaurant separately, yet when they left, Debbie's arm was wrapped around Kinsley's waist, and the man had his arm around her neck. They looked intimate.

Actually, he was too drunk to even get into his car, and Debbie was supporting him.

Yet, the reporters carved a hell of a story out of it. Kinsley was a superstar in the show business, and gossips around Debbie never stopped. So, the news about t

a pricey doll.

They had shown up in a Disneyland amusement park. Carlos was holding the little girl gently, with so much care that many women were attracted to him even more now.

Although Carlos had tried his best to be inconspicuous, reporters had noticed them due to his outstanding presence. Everyone was curious about the girl in his arms.

The media tried to find out who she was, but nothing came up. Some of them intended to dig deeper than the others, but Carlos' assistant sent them a timely warning, so they had to stop.

Some casual readers gave it a try as well. Unfortunately, all they could see in the photo were her clothes and that her face was round. Her features were a mosaic.

Some of the visitors in Disneyland had recognized Carlos too and had snapped some pictures. But before they could post them online, Carlos' bodyguards had forced them to delete all the pictures.

Soon after the news came out, James called Carlos. "Carlos, who's that lovely girl in your arms? I've never seen her before," he asked, fiegning a casual tone. He was actually sweating nervously. 'Is she Debbie's child? What should I do if she is?'

Recalling Debbie's warning about James, Carlos answered casually, "A client's daughter. He's busy with some work. So, I'm looking after her for a few days."

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, James said, "I was wondering if you had a child outside marriage." He laughed awkwardly. "Carlos, it's time for you to have a child with Stephanie. I'll take good care of my grandchild," he urged, like a normal father.

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