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   Chapter 386 As Handsome As A Giraffe

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"I... I'm still young, and I've just started working. I really don't want my career to end like this," Sasha complained. How she wished she could be a star as popular as Debbie!

"Aunt Lucinda keeps saying that I'm silly. I think you are even sillier than me. Do you value your career over Jared and your baby?" Debbie asked.

"Of course not! Jared and our baby take the priority over everything else," Sasha answered without hesitation.

"That's it. You already know what to do. Just follow your heart, Sasha. If Jared ever says that he doesn't like the baby, just tell me and I swear I'll beat him to a pulp!"

"Deb, you're as rude as ever. You're a mother now, remember? You should set a good example for Piggy," Sasha said with a warm smile. She was so grateful to Debbie for her timely advice.

Debbie rolled her eyes at Sasha's remark. "All right. Remember to keep me updated."


After hanging up, Debbie played with Piggy for a while. Piggy had been living apart from her father, so Debbie tried her best to make up for the loss by showering Piggy with all the love she had.

When the thought of Carlos crossed her mind, she remembered something and immediately sent him a text message. "Old man, thank you for what you did for the Mu Group. I love you. Muah."

Just as she had expected, there was no response from him. She didn't mind and rode the merry-go-round with Piggy.

The next day, Debbie paid a visit to the Mu family's residence. While Lucinda was playing with Piggy, Debbie and Sebastian talked in the study. After about two hours, Debbie walked out and saw Jared standing in the hallway, pacing about restlessly. When he saw her, Jared rushed to Debbie. "Tomboy, I need your help!"

"What's wrong?" Debbie asked as Jared dragged her to Sasha, who was now playing with Piggy.

Pointing towards Debbie, Jared told Sasha, "Please! Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and register our marriage. I swear I'll be loyal to you and care for you for the rest of my life. If I break my promise, you can ask Tomboy to beat me up."

Debbie was rendered speechless. She almost laughed out loud.

Piggy raised her head to look at Sasha. "Aunt Sasha, men are all liars," she said with absolutely no expression on her cute little face.

Debbie, Sasha and Jared were d

security guards at the gate were all strangers.

But upon seeing her, they were excited. After all, she was one of the most popular singers in the world now. Many of them were her fans. They opened the gate for her quickly.

As she drove into the manor, she glanced around. The scenery was the same too.

The music and yoga studios had been demolished, and the area had been converted into a garden with various types of plants.

She guessed that it must have been James who had demolished the building.

Carlos stood at the entrance of the villa in his pajamas, waiting for them both. Frankie was standing right behind him.

Debbie stopped the car in front of the villa. Frankie walked over to open the door for her. Then he unfastened Piggy's seat belt and scooped her up in his arms.

When Piggy saw Carlos, her eyes brightened and she struggled out of Frankie's arms. She ran towards Carlos with a wide smile.

"Uncle Carlos!"

Carlos' cold expression was replaced by the warmest smile. He squatted down and opened his arms to pick her up. "Evelyn," he called out softly.

They both hugged each other tightly in a warm embrace.

Debbie opened the trunk to take the suitcase out. When she saw Carlos and Piggy hugging, her eyes brimmed with tears.

Frankie took the suitcase from Debbie and walked towards the villa.

Debbie stood still; she was not planning on going inside. The smile on Carlos' face disappeared. "Debbie," he called out coldly.

Debbie said, "Thank you for taking care of Piggy for me."

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