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   Chapter 385 What Are You Afraid Of

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Carlos' nostrils flared and his expression darkened. He was like an angry bull responding to the color red. He picked up the bill, crumpled it, and said through gritted teeth, "You asked for this."

'Holy crap! Why do I have to tick him off?'

She regretted having said that and ran towards the bedroom as fast as she could. But she was a little wobbly from the sexy time. Before she could open the door, he pulled her into his strong arms.

"Hey lighten up. A hundred dollars is all I can afford..." Tears streaked her gaze. "Carlos...Mr. Huo...come on." It felt just like old times—he banged her hard as if he never knew fatigue. He never slowed down, never cared if she was enjoying herself. He'd waited too long and would not be kept waiting.

Debbie really wanted to slap herself. 'I shouldn't have said that.'

"I have to prove myself to you," said Carlos. Any man would be humiliated when his woman said he wasn't good at it. Carlos was no exception. It was worse for him, because he was proud. He must be the best at everything.

"I'm sorry, old man. Please... Mmmph..." He kissed her hard, passionately, and she was unable to say another word.

That night, he did it again and again and pushed inside her harder and harder.

Outside, it was placid. The moon was high in the night sky and lit up the whole world. It was a tender night; the moonlight, diffused by the shades, shone on their entangled bodies, glowing with love.

Stephanie finally got to Carlos' bedroom at 11 p.m. She knocked, but got no answer.

She pushed the door open and was greeted by darkness. The lights weren't on. She flipped the switch, only to find the bedroom empty. Carlos wasn't here.

She caught a glimpse of the tidy bed, with its 100% long-staple cotton sheets, 270 thread count. It hadn't been slept in. That was when she grew suspicious.

'When did Carlos leave? Where is he?'

Unlocking her phone, she called him, but it went straight to voicemail. It must be off.

'I wonder when he'll be back?' she thought.

Debbie didn't know what time Carlos finally stopped and how she got to bed. The sun was high in the sky when she finally woke up. Piggy, who was

go! I have a meeting. Don't be a stranger." Piggy was going to Lucinda's kindergarten next month.

Colleen also planned to send Justus there as well. In order to give the two kids a better environment, Curtis poured some money into improvements.

"Got it. I'll take Piggy to see you when I have time," Debbie said with a laugh.

After hanging up, she decided to call Sasha. "Hi Sasha, where are you now?"

"Y City. Debbie, I'm screwed. I got pregnant! What should I do?" Sasha yelled.

Debbie was taken aback by the news for a while. Then she laughed out loud and answered, "Why are you so upset? Congrats! Does Jared know?"

Jared's and Sasha's parents knew about their relationship and wanted them to get married as soon as possible. But Sasha wanted to focus on her career first.

She hadn't expected that she'd get pregnant now.

"I haven't told him yet. I'm not sure if he'll be happy or if he even wants the baby." They'd never discussed children before. She didn't know how Jared would react.

Debbie rolled her eyes. "You can't just abort the baby because he doesn't like it.

Send him a text message or call him. See what he says."

"Okay." Then Sasha added, "Deb, why are you calling?"

"I'll visit your mom tomorrow. Are you coming with me?"

After a short pause, Sasha said, "How about I come home with you first? I'll tell Jared about it after that."

Debbie was confused. "Okay, but what are you afraid of?"

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