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   Chapter 384 Stay Overnight

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 7436

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Carlos heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Piggy say that. Piggy added, "I'm a kid. I can sleep with Uncle Carlos. Stay?"

Debbie chipped in, "Piggy, Uncle Carlos needs to go home now."

"Sure, Evelyn. You're so adorable. How am I supposed to even say no? How about this? Let your mommy bathe you first. I have to go home and shower. I'll come back to keep you company after that. Okay?"

Debbie rolled her eyes and wondered, 'Come on! I'm the mom. Don't I get a say in this? He can't spoil Piggy like this!'

Piggy was thrilled, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. Then she ran towards Debbie and held her hand saying, "Give me a bath."

"Okay." Debbie had no other choice than to do as Piggy said.

Carlos looked at the dumbfounded woman and said with a meaningful expression, "You should probably grab a shower too. Get ready."

"What?" She didn't get his point.

Ignoring her confusion, he said goodbye to Piggy and left the apartment.

As soon as he was out of sight, Piggy practically dragged Debbie to the bathroom pulling her by the wrist. Debbie almost lost her balance. "Mommy, hurry up!"

Sighing in defeat, Debbie felt like she should talk with Piggy, because she didn't want to lose her one day. While drawing water into the bathtub, she told Piggy, "Honey, listen. We used to sleep in the same bedroom. If you and Uncle Carlos sleep together, where do I sleep? I'm a woman, and I can't sleep together with a man, right?"

Sitting on a small chair in the bathroom, Piggy tilted her head to look at her mom and said, "The other bedroom." She even consoled Debbie, "We'll be close. If you're scared..." She thought for a while and offered, "Uncle Carlos can sleep with you after."

Debbie was rendered speechless. 'Piggy, you know what? That just gave me a great idea.'

In the apartment on the sixth floor

When Carlos entered, Stephanie had just come back. She took his suit jacket from him and asked with concern, "Did you eat, Carlos?"

"Mmm hmm," he simply answered.

Stephanie hung the jacket on the hanger. Then she saw something on it. She hadn't remembered the jacket having any adornment.

She took a closer look and found it was a sticker of Peppa Pig. She pulled

some water before going to bed.

The moment she left the bedroom, someone grabbed her wrist. "Argh!" She was startled at first. Then, she used her free hand to fight back.

There was no light in the living room. By the light of the bedroom, she recognized the person—it was none other than Carlos. But by the time she figured it out, he had grabbed both her hands and pressed her against the wall.

Debbie's heart raced. She rolled her eyes and snapped in a low voice, "Carlos Huo, are you nuts? You scared the shit out of me!"

'I thought he left. Did he stay here just to scare me?' she thought.

Carlos gathered both her hands with his left one, and closed the door to the bedroom with the other.

He had decided to do this before he had left for his apartment to take a bath. He had been trying hard to deny his desires the whole time he was playing with Piggy. Now that he and Debbie were alone and Piggy was asleep, it was time for him to stalk his prey.

With intense passion, he kissed her, while his free hand ran over her clothes, hurriedly pulling them from her. Although she wanted to resist his advances, she couldn't. She bit her lips so that she could hold back her moans.

After what seemed like an eternity, she got up from the couch, got dressed and picked up her purse.

She took out a bill from it, threw it on him and complained, "Thanks for your service, but honestly, not that impressed. A hundred dollars is all you get. Take it and leave."

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