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   Chapter 383 Godfather

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 6991

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Looking at the empty bowl in front of Carlos, Piggy said cheerfully, "Uncle, you like wontons?"

Carlos nodded, "Yeah. It's yummy." Then he started on the beef and noodles.

Debbie walked out of the kitchen in an apron, holding a plate filled with a variety of sliced fruit. "Here, Piggy, have some fruit with Uncle. I bought your favorite cherries."

"Thanks, Mommy!" Piggy got to her feet and shot towards the bathroom to wash her hands.

Placing the plate on the table, Debbie followed Piggy into the washroom. "Hold on, honey. Mommy turns on the tap."

Watching their retreating figures, Carlos couldn't help but smile.

Piggy was the first one back to the dining room. She took a cherry from the plate, stood on tiptoe and raised it to Carlos' lips. "Uncle, eat this. It's my favorite."

Debbie just entered the dining room. Knowing about his obsession with cleanliness, she rushed over to stop Piggy. "Piggy, give it to Mommy. Uncle is eating noodles. He can't eat cherries while eating noodles, right? You can save some for him."

Piggy stared at her mom in confusion. "Noodles and cherries. Eat both. You do."

Debbie was lost for words. She didn't expect Piggy to have such a good memory.

As she was trying to come up with another excuse, Carlos raised Piggy's hand, lowered his head and ate the cherry. After eating it, he gave Piggy a thumbs-up. "Wow, it's so sweet! Thank you, Evelyn. You're a good girl."

Again, Debbie didn't know how to respond. 'So is he not a clean freak anymore? Or is that just for Piggy?'

After devouring the noodles, Carlos returned to eating cherries with Piggy. Debbie went back to the kitchen to clean the dishes.

Piggy suddenly asked Carlos, "Uncle, you have kids?"

"Nope." Carlos picked up a strawberry with a fruit fork and put it to Piggy's lips. Somehow, he loved feeding her. In his eyes, Piggy was the most adorable kid in the world. How he wished he could have a daughter like her!

"Uncle, may I call you Daddy? I have a Daddy Ivan and Daddy Yates," Piggy asked with a hopeful expression. She really liked Carlos

o the door."

Piggy nodded and blew on her lips. "Mommy, are you okay now?"

Debbie was almost moved to tears. She stroked Piggy's chubby face and coaxed, "Honey, I'm okay now. You're amazing."

"Mommy, where's Uncle?" Piggy glanced at the door to the bedroom.

Debbie bit her lower lips and stammered, "He...he'll be out soon."

'Thank God! Piggy's just a kid and knows nothing, ' she thought.

After calming down, Carlos walked out of the bedroom. Piggy was waiting for him at the door. Upon seeing him, she raised her head and said with a broad smile, "Uncle, stay?" The little one pointed to another bedroom. "There. Daddy Ivan was there."

Debbie was rendered speechless.

'When did Ivan sleep here?' Carlos flared up at Piggy's words and cast a murderous glance at Debbie. He squatted down and looked at Piggy. "Evelyn, did your daddy Ivan sleep with Mommy? Or did he sleep alone?"

"Leave her out of this, you pervert!" Debbie snapped.

"Shut up!" Carlos snapped back. If Debbie and Ivan had slept together, he swore to himself that he would punish her so hard that she wouldn't be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

Debbie pouted her mouth and thought, 'He's so mean! When his memory comes back, it'll be payback time!'

Piggy looked at Carlos and answered honestly, "Daddy Ivan is a man. A man can't sleep in the same bedroom with a woman. Didn't you know that?"

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